Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fact: Blogging Aids Weightloss

Don't ask me how, but blogging causes weightloss. That is an absolute fact. How do I know this? Because, friends, it happened to me. Up until yesterday's post, I hadn't blogged for nearly three weeks and hadn't lost any weight for four. Lo and behold, yesterday I blogged, today I had lost weight. A strange coincidence, I think you'll agree.

13st 13lbs - 195lbs - BMI 32.4
(a total loss so far of 67lbs; 27lbs to go)
Repeat after me: must blog more often, must blog more often...


  1. must blog more often, must blog more often...

    It sure is connected, isn't it?

  2. not strange at all...keeps you in line! have a blessed one!

  3. hehe not very scientific but I believe it :)

    must blog more often..must visit Starbucks less often :)