Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Off on holiday

We're off on a family holiday tomorrow to Spain.

Looking forward to a holiday in the sun where I won't feel uncomfortable in the heat (I hope!) I even bought some new holiday clothes, which is virtually unheard of - a strapless dress and some three-quarter length trousers - get me!

I still haven't got round to booking an unfill, but I think I probably will when I get back from my hols. I've got nothing to lose (if you'll pardon the pun); my weight is pretty static - hovering around the 13st 11lbs (193lbs) mark - even though I'm not eating all that much. Perhaps I need to be able to eat more (more good stuff that is), in order to kick start the weightloss again.

Hope you are all well out there in banded blogland; I don't write much on this blog these days as there's so little to say, but I do keep up with you all. My other blog is updated almost daily though since 'real' life carries on apace!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Found Some of My Pre-Weight Loss Trousers...

...and slipped them on. Literally. Didn't need to undo the button/zip. Just slipped them up over my hips. And then had to hang on to them for dear life so as not to scare any small children in the area (aka my darling son who happened to be in the room and said something extreeeeemly sweet [considering he's only three years old] 'Mummy, those are too big'. Good boy; you're a keeper.)

I wanted to take some photos to share with you but since the small boy was in the room I only got the chance to snap two very quickly, and in the second one of those you can see he's hanging on to/pulling my hand, hence the blurry shot (and was saying, in that way that children do, 'Mummy, come downstairs with me, pleeeeeeease'). Anyhoo, I think these two quick shots give you some idea of what has happened in the two-plus years since I had to wear these trousers - 5 stone (70lbs) and five dress sizes to be precise. Yeeeee-haw.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Musings

It's a Bank Holiday here in the UK today; so we get to enjoy a three-day weekend as we celebrate May Day. As usual the weather is, let's say, unpredictable. This morning it was raining; now we have lovely warm sun, tempered by gusts of wind.

Anyway, on to my musings. I'm still debating whether to get an small unfill.
Reasons to get an unfil:
1) The heartburn still keeps getting me; it's unexpected and unpredictable. I had it quite a bit yesterday (not enough to need any medication, but enough to know it was there and for it to be annoying); other days I get none.
2) Sometimes I struggle to eat regular food; or enough regular food to consititute a meal that will keep me full for several hours
3) As a result of 2) I turn to snacking on crapola
4) Snacking on crapola is becoming a bad habit

Reasons to not get an unfill:
1) There are some days when I can eat a lot. For instance, on Friday evening we went out for a meal with friends and I ate Thai chicken broth for starter; a large piece of salmon with broccoli and a haddock/potato brandade (ie deep fried ball of fish and potato!) for main course; and a Banoffee Eton Mess for dessert. Yep, three courses. All washed down with half a bottle of wine. I was amazed.
2) I'm worried that my habit of snacking on crapola will continue alongside being able to eat more if I get an unfill.
3) If no. 2) goes on too long I'll put on weight.

Where has the lovely 'green spot' gone? I'm sure I got it about a year ago, then the band went all tight on me and since then I just can't seem to get things right. Bum-diddly-bum.