Monday, 5 December 2011

Blog Apathy?

Hmm, I've not blogged for a while. Well, that's not strictly true, I'm keeping my other blog vaguely up-to-date, but this one seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Is it coincidence that I stopped blogging just after I had an unfill? Is it coincidence that I've not blogged about how, since then, my weight has crept up and up and up? In fact I've not even got on the scales for a couple of weeks as I'm too nervous to see what sort of number is going to be looking back at me. I've definitely put on 10lbs, it make even be more like 15lbs now. The unfill has almost taken me back to the olden days of horrendous eating habits, although there is still some restriction - thank goodness. It's like I'm on holiday from the band and, knowing that it will be refilled soon (in 9 days and counting), my head and stomach are in cahoots to eat as much as possible while they still can. And it seems that there's nothing I can do to stop them. It doesn't help that all the lovely Christmas food and drink is surrounding me, and it also doesn't help that while the band may sort me out physically, it has done nothing whatsoever to make an impact on my brain! But I'm not complaining - I absolutely HAD to have an unfill due to the heartburn and the miniscule amounts of food I was just about able to eat beforehand. My surgeon took out 2mls and it was instant relief. In 9 days time I'm going to ask him to put 1ml back in - here's hoping half way between what I can eat now and what I could eat then will be my sweet spot!


  1. I completely understand that! I can directly corresponding my big blogging lapses to weight gain. I hope things turn around for you with your fill!

  2. Scary isn't it? We really need a head band!

    Good Luck with your fill!

  3. I hope things get back on track soon. Just know were're all here for you!!! :)

  4. You are so right, lack of blogging coincides with poor eating for me too!

  5. ohh err...way to scare me :)...I think all of us are having blog apathy lately. I definitely know I am.

    Now he scaring part: Just tonight I decided it was finally time for a bit of an unfill. I hope I don't gain my way out of my clothing.


  6. Trust me I lived this and sadly I just gained and gained. Being able to recognize it and stop it is key. I was too tight, I began to eat around the band and dare I say it is a hell of a lot easier to do than you think. Also, that weight comes back on quicker than you can blink your eye.

    Hugs darlin, I know that you will get back on track, you have half of it conquered already you know what is wrong and how to fix it!