Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A First Time For Everything + Photos!

Apologies for the blogging hiatus - we've been on holiday in bonny Scotland, which can now officially go to the top of my list of most favourite holiday destinations as I managed to actually lose weight while there! There is absolutely no way on earth that would have happened pre-band, not in a country where deep-fried pizza can be found on many a menu (and we actually happened to be somewhere where we heard someone order it; not only that, the person checked that it was a whole pizza they were getting, and not just a slice.) Without the band, I would probably have ordered one myself, just to see what it was like...
Anyhoo, I have returned from my holidays 2lbs lighter, which means I am now

15st - 210bs - BMI 34.9
(a total loss so far of 52lbs; 44lbs to go!)

And reaching 210lbs means it's photo time. Usually I get hubby to take the photos, but he's not here at the moment and I'm too impatient to wait til this evening, so here are my blurry efforts; and please excuse the baggy trousers - just nine more weeks til we get to NYC and I can hot-foot it to Macys where they stock trousers that actually fit my shape!
Compared to 262lbs (18st 10lbs) just before being banded


  1. You look great, I love your green top.
    Glad that you had a nice holiday.

  2. Look at your skinny self!! Your face looks way skinnier as does the rest of you.

    Don't wait for NY try some stuff on in the might fit now :)

  3. You look great, but you really need some clothes that fit better. Those things are falling off of you!

  4. Welcome back and you are looking good :-)

    I too love the fact that I can go on a holiday and not gain weight :D

    Don't you just love your band?!?

  5. *new follower.

    you look fabulous!