Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Never Leave a Stone Unturned

Oh dear, what a bad blogger I am. Yet another grand hiatus. But I have another excuse - this time I've been at home (in Bristol) playing nursemaid for my Mum who had to go into hospital to have her gallbladder removed. Luckily, it was done by keyhole surgery so she was in and out in the same day and is already much improved.

While I was at home I managed to fit in a lot, yes A LOT, of shopping time because hubby had taken small boy up to see Grandma and Grandad so it was just me and Mum at home. While Mum enjoyed some R&R, I spent a grand total of 15 hours at the mall. Yes, 15! All on my own, not pushing a small child around, infinitely aware of the amount of time he is willing to spend in his pushchair; all on my own, knowing there wasn't anyone waiting for me to get home (Mum was very content to spend time relaxing without me hovering around), or needing to be collected from nursery, or anything else. Just me and the shops. And my credit card.

All I can say is this: the UK economy is safe. I have shopped us out of the recession. I bought a coat (in a UK size 18, which I think is a US 14), a pair of trousers, and two cardigans for myself; and for small boy I bought a t-shirt, two pairs of pyjamas, a pair of dungarees and a fleecy top. I also bought some yarn and a pattern and have knitted a pair of wristwarmers to keep the chill at bay now that the weather has turned decidedly cool.
But, best of all (even better than fitting into smaller clothes and being able to shop in 'normal' clothes stores), when I weighed myself today I found myself in a NEW STONE!

14st 13lbs - 209bs - BMI 34.8
(a total loss so far of 53lbs; 43lbs to go!)

That takes me to within spitting (or should I say PBing?!) distance of onederland. Yay! And just 3lbs short of losing four stone. Oh, and guess what? Now that my BMI is in the 34s, I'm only Class I Obese!


  1. Yeah for shopping without children and buying skinny clothes and almost hitting Onderland! Glad your mom is on the mend.

  2. Shopping with no kids and no time limit = bliss. Sounds like you're doing really well.

  3. Sounds like you have used yu time off to good use. Congrats for the new stone!!!!

  4. well done for losing the extra pound and getting under 15! As Toad of Toad Hall would say Poop! Poop!