Monday, 15 November 2010

I Joined a Gym

What's wrong with me?!!! Something seriously weird is happening here. Hubby started talking the other day about joining the gym/health club across the road from us. Yes, it really is literally across the road - we can see it from our house, so there's goes the excuse of 'The car wouldn't start so I couldn't get to the gym' or 'It was raining and I couldn't be bothered to walk'. Anyway, when hubby mentioned joining up so that he could get a little exercise and also take small boy along swimming rather than being tied to the rather strict schedule for littlies at the public pool, it planted a little seed in my head. A couple of days later that little seed had sprouted into a fully formed idea whereby

I would also join the gym
So, yesterday we went and got ourselves joint membership. Now I need to
1) find/buy something that would possibly be suitable to wear whilst stumbling along on the treadmill and pulling muscles left, right and centre
2) try on my old swimming cossie and see if it's indecently baggy yet
3) summon up the courage to actually get over there
Incidentally, because this 'gym' markets itself as a health club, they have treatment rooms too where one can partake of massages, facials, waxes, etc. I'm pretty sure I could find the time/energy/courage to book in for one of those.
Oh, and I got another fill on Weds afternoon; I'm now up to 9mls in a 10ml band and restriction is well and truly back. Not lost any weight yet but holding steady at 14st 13lbs rather than bouncing around between 14.13 and 15.2 so hopefully things will start moving in the right direction in the next few days.


  1. Well done! Asda and Tesco both do reasonably priced gym wear, in generous sizes too. Good luck ;-)

  2. If they give you the opportunity to meet with a trainer and learn to use all the equipment, be sure to take advantage of it. Don't worry about how you look or what you think others are thinking when they see you. Just go to the gym! You won't be the biggest person there or the smallest. Set a schedule and keep to it. You won't be sorry!

  3. Go you!!!! Yoga pants are comfy (I didn't find them until post-band). Some of them have really high waists so you can cover up your tummy and avoid evil butt crack when bending over.

    Try a bunch of stuff and then stick with whatever you love..honest it gets easier and more fun...Believe me I hated expending energy of any type..and look at me now?



  4. That is so awesome!! If you can swing it, sign up for a few sessions with a trainer so that they can show you what to do and work out a routine for you. It's less intimidating to figure out that stuff when you've got someone official who knows their way around showing you the ropes!

    A year from now, you may be en route to the gym and realize that you have become one of those people for whom going to the gym is just a regular part of life! That happened to me, and I'm as shocked as anyone about it! :) :)

    Major props to you for joining!!! That is a HUGE NSV!!!