Monday, 20 December 2010


Two bits of good news today:

1) Hubby is finally on his way home; his flight from Orlando left at 6am Florida time/11am UK time and he is due in about 7pm this evening. Apparently the pilot thinks the flight will take an hour less than usual presumably because the plane weighs almost nothing (a bit like me -hah!) due to there being just 42 people (including crew) onboard! Isn't that crazy?

2) I weighed in this morning another 1lb down - if I didn't miss hubby so much I'd almost want him to stay away longer so my weight continues to plummet! So, I've now lost 60lbs - a great big fat 6-0 pounds have gone and they are NOT coming back. I have no fear about Christmas; I shall eat what/when I like safe in the knowledge that the band will keep me (mostly) on the straight and narrow and Onederland will be here in the New Year.

14st 6lbs - 202bs - BMI 33.6

(a total loss so far of 60lbs; 34lbs to go!)

That's just 3lbs til Onederland!

**** edited to add****

I've only just realised that the 60lbs loss coincided with my 11 month bandiversary! Great timing, non?!


  1. That's amazing, well done!
    Really pleased that your husband is on his way home.

  2. Congrats! On your ways to onederland superstardom!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Great news about your weight loss and hubby on the way home!

  4. That's all great news! You'll be in onderland before you know it!