Sunday, 19 December 2010

Having a 'mare

Poor hubby is having an absolute nightmare getting home from the USA right now due to the snow in the UK. He started trying to get home on Friday afternoon; it's now Sunday evening and he's a little closer than he was, but not much. Friday he was in San Francisco, his flight from there to Los Angeles got cancelled so he missed his onward flight to the UK; so Saturday morning he flew to Houston from where he was supposed to get an onward flight to London; he got to Houston but the onward flight was cancelled; he was booked on to the same flight a day later (ie today); that flight also got cancelled. He's now waiting for a flight from Houston to Orlando and is booked on a flight from there to London. His flight from Houston has been delayed; luckily (?!) the onward flight has also been delayed. Jeeeeepers, poor hubby.

And poor me too - having to cope with small boy all on my own, in the snow! Our car is snowed in so although the main roads are clear, there's very little chance I can get the car out and get him over to nursery tomorrow, so that's another day I'm going to have to find something to keep him entertained and worn out! Still, the good news is all this lone-parent child-rearing has led me to lose another 1lb!!

14st 7lbs - 203bs - BMI 33.8
(a total loss so far of 59lbs; 35lbs to go!)
That's just 1lb away from 60lbs down and just 4lbs away from Onederland!!!! Will I make it in time for my one year bandiversary? Watch this space...


  1. Fingers crossed for your husband to get home soon and safely. And well done on being so close to onederland!

  2. That's a seriously long trip home!!! I hope he makes it there soon! You'll see onderland before you know it!

  3. Fantastic weight loss. Hope that your husband gets home soon. I hate the snow!