Friday, 18 June 2010

Fill, the Fifth

So, I hit my new lowest low of 16st 8lbs two weeks ago. And, right up until yesterday, I didn't see that darn number again. Not because I'd dropped below it and was celebrating losing even more, but because I'm made of rubber and have been bouncing around: 16.9, 16.10, 16.9, even 16.11 at the beginning of this week for heaven's sake (although, admittedly it was TOM.)

Thank goodness that my inner workings and the scales decided enough was enough and brought me back to 16.8 yesterday and today.

Today I also went for a fill. I thought after the last fill I was getting close to my sweet/green spot, but it became clear a week or so ago that yes, I may be close, but I'm not quite close enough. I know that I'm still able to eat too much in one sitting and I'm getting hungry too quickly between meals and thus am on the hunt for snacks (usually cake, biscuit or chocolate-shaped snacks.) And the fact that I've only lost 2lbs since my last fill four weeks ago, seems to corroborate that.

I had a 0.5ml fill today, taking me up to 8mls in a 10ml band. The surgeon and I both thought I only had 7mls in the band, but when he sucked the saline out (that's the technical term...) there was 7.5mls in his big old syringe, so the extra 0.5 has taken me to 8.

Since the fill at 10am I've had two mochas (one with whipped cream - what the heck, I needed the calories, I was starting to get the shakes!) and a large peach yoghurt. Hubby has cooked a wonderful-smelling chicken tikka massala for himself and my mum who's staying with us for a few days, and I'm probably going to have some of the sauce and a couple of spoons of rice in a bit - just to see how it goes down, and because the smell is making me hungry!

Fingers crossed this fill will kick start the next phase of weightloss...

Hope you are all well!


  1. Sounds like you are getting closer to your sweet spot. The aroma of cooked food you can't have is a killer! :) Happy weekend!

  2. Fingers crossed for you :) I think the measuring using a syringe is not very exact-I can't tell you the number of times what they pull out didn't match what my surgeon had written down for a fill amount. I don't really mind though as long as the fill is working :) It sounds like you are really close to a good run!


  3. Good luck. We are almost the same weight. I went to see my doctor yesterday. My last/first fill was at the end of April and they informed me that the next one wont be until the 3rd of September!!!!! I only have 3ml in now.
    It's going be a hard eight weeks.

  4. I even have my toes crossed. I think I have hit that lovely spot and hopt to keep it around for a long time. My biggest accomplishment with being on a plateau and slow weight loss is that I haven't gained the weight back.