Wednesday, 2 June 2010

You Gain Some, You Lose Some

Check me out, I've lost 4lbs since Saturday.

Unfortunately, it's not quite as good as it sounds.

Yes, I've lost 4lbs, but it still only takes me back to my lowest weight of 16st 9lbs.

Would you believe that somehow between Friday morning (when I weighed in at 16.9) and Saturday morning I'd managed to put on 4lbs? Thus Saturday I weighed in at 16st 13lbs. How did that happen? I cannot believe I shovelled 4lbs of food/liquids into my cake-hole in 24 hours (well, less if you count the fact that I was asleep for 8 hrs.)

So, 4lbs miraculously glues itself to my body overnight, but does it equally miraculously fall off the following night? No, of course it darn well doesn't. GRRRR. It takes another 4 days to come off. Humph. There'd better be another 1lb gone tomorrow morning or I'll be mad!


  1. Sometimes I think our bodies hold on to water like it's going out of style! lol Then it doesn't want to let it go easily. Perhaps if you up your water intake, that will help?

  2. yup I agree with Miss Tori-it the evil water monster. I have a crap load mounting right now and will have to wait a week or two to get it back off again. We women really suffer at everything I think...hormones, periods, water and childbirth...damn men :)


  3. Yup water weight can be tricky.

    I have an award for you over at my blog.