Sunday, 20 June 2010

Well, That's Never Happened Before!

Yesterday, hubby, DC, Granny & I went for a trip to Somerset to look at some houses and to pay a visit to our relatives C&C who live in gorgeously lovely Sherborne. The house-hunting is an on-going saga due to us being unable to decide where exactly we want to live - makes life a lot more difficult when you can't even narrow it down to a county, let alone a town or village. Anyhoo, yesterday was the turn of Somerset and we saw three houses, one of which we absolutely loved, one of which we didn't much care for, and the third which we didn't really like but which has a wonderful garden and is in a village that we would really like to live in and in which family houses don't often come to the market. Decisions, decisions. It's the 'heart' house or the 'head' house.

But, to get to the point of this blog post. After having seen the third house in the gorgeous village of Hinton St George (above), we toddled along the road to Dorothy's Tea Room where I ordered a pot of coffee and a slice of coffee and walnut cake. And, here's the thing,

It wasn't a giant slab of a piece, it was just a standard slice of sponge cake with butter cream, but I couldn't finish it. That has never happened to me before. I NEVER leave cake. But this time, I just had to. And, it actually felt good!


  1. mmmm can I have the bit you left?????
    The village looks beautiful. You are lucky to have such great places to choose from and I'm sure you will end up somewhere lovely. On the cake, its nice to feel in control isn't it?
    Well done.

  2. Awesome isn't it?? such power it provides!! One little piece of cake and we can now push it away. I still smile and savor that feeling every single time it happens.

    The houses in your photo are picturesque. Do you want a thatched one?


  3. Isn't restriction great? The setting looks idyllic. You're so lucky to have such beautiful spots to pick from.