Saturday, 3 July 2010

Feeling Low

But not in a bad way!

The scales have been oh so kind to me over the last couple of days. I was going to write a post yesterday about how I was down to a new lowest weight of

16st 5lb - 229lbs - BMI 38.1
(a total loss so far of 33lbs)
but somehow the day ran away with me. I had a bit of a rough evening food-wise; it now seems that pork (in the form of pork chops or loins) may have to be off the menu as I had nothing but trouble trying to eat a chop for my dinner last night. Once my band had revolted against the pork, it also gave me a hard time with the courgettes, broccoli and red cabbage accompaniments, and even with the lovely slice of warm bakewell tart afterwards :(
Needless to say after the up-'heave'-al of yesterday evening I wasn't at all surprised to see an even lower all time low on the scales this morning:
16st 4lb - 228lbs - BMI 37.9
(total loss of 34lbs)
Wow! I'm fully expecting not to see 16.4 again for a while as I'm pretty sure that was more a result of dehydration than anything else, but I'm still really happy with 16.5 as it takes me into a new 'decade' of pounds - I'm now in the 220s, which is so wonderful when you consider I started in the 260s.
And on a totally different note: Happy 4th of July to all the US bandsters! I hope your bands are good to you over the holiday weekend.


  1. Hey Justine.. I was just about to pop on to give you words of encouragement when I saw the post title.. but it sounds like you are doing excellent. I too am stilling learning the ropes with the food list and the band.. Keep those fluids coming .. and here is hoping that scale.
    Have a great weekend

  2. I love a new low! Well done.

  3. YAY! for new lows...
    Pork chops are off the menu for me too. I can however do pork tenderloin??? Not as dry I guess.
    These bands are sure funny in what they allow. Something new everyday..geesh

  4. wow how weird these bands are..pork is on my menu and beef went off (I used to hate pork and now I find that I like it)....I used to say to myself when I was at your stage..chew chew chew like you do to a baby just learning how to eat. It was really hard for me to shift to chewing meat especially up into little bits.

    Maybe that would help? also cutting meat across grain in tiny slices helped too.

    Now on the other hand...sad as it is...I agree with you that there is a silver lining. I have leaned over the the sink quite a few times saying to least I will see a loss tomorrow.

    A toast to seeing the 210's for you fast!!

  5. Welcome to a new decade!!! Isn't it great? :)