Monday, 12 July 2010

We Survived! (not WLS related, so feel free to skip!)

Ok, ok, so I suppose I could mention weightloss, or the lack thereof. Today the pesky scales registered 16st 6lbs; but they will not get me down because I know the reason - Aunt Flo will soon be paying me a visit. I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs and waiting for her to call; I do wish she'd get a move on so we can all just get on with things (aka losing weight.)

Moving on to non-band related stuff. Feel free to stop reading and move on to a more interesting blog where the blogger/bandster tells you motivating and inspirational tales of weightloss, NSVs, SVs and other skinny stuff. For here I am about to slip into parent mode, which I am sure some of you find less than riveting (I know it's true cos before I had a bambino of my own, I thought there was almost nothing on earth less interesting/more boring than other people's children.)

Anyway, today was small boy's first full day at nursery (preschool) and we all survived! I actually think hubby missed him more than me (he's a bit of a sopster that hubby of mine.)

We kept saying to each other 'Oh, I wonder what he's doing now? Oh, I expect he's having his lunch. Oh, I hope he's not sad. Do you think he's missing us?' And at the end of the day, when I went to pick him up I was getting those butterflies in my tummy like you get when you're really excited about seeing someone. Did I say hubby was a sopster? Hey, maybe I am too!


  1. Goodness he is a cutie-pie!

  2. Very cute-How old is he?? I think the U.S. equivalent is preschool? He looks too young to be in kindergarten here :) age 5/6 in the U.S. I assume he did well and was perfectly happy. I hated taking Grace to preschool---she cried every time i took her and never did when David did. I had to quit...I think I am the wimp in the family and she worked it.


  3. He's so gorgeous. I love his pj's!