Friday, 9 July 2010

I've Lost a Follower!

Did I offend you?

Or, more likely, bore you?!

Sorry :(

I'm sure, just yesterday, there were 63 lovely people who were "interested' in my witterings; but now there are only 62. Anyway, in an attempt to appeal to as many people as possible, here are some photos, not all of which are band related.

Firstly, here is the small boy wondering what on earth to do with a rice cake:

And here he is, demonstrating to us how to enjoy such healthy fare!

Next, here's me wearing my new size 18 (yes, 18! yeehaw. I think that's a US 14) top from Laura Ashley. I only managed to get into a size 18 because of the cut of this particular top - ie, it's very generous - because I tried on plenty of others in sz 18 and even 20 which didn't fit. I'm also wearing the size 18 (US 18 this time, UK 22) trousers which Tina so very, very kindly made a trip to Macy's to get for me. When I started this weightloss journey nearly 6 months ago I was wearing the same trousers, but in US size 22. I have real trouble finding trousers that I feel fit me well, so I was so grateful that Tina got these for me and posted them over! (please excuse laundry which looks like it's floating in mid air, but it actually perched on bannister)

And finally, here's a photo of Will Young from the Henley Festival concert my friend Liz & I attended the other evening. We were in seats just four rows from the stage and, in fact, had the chance to sit even closer but talked ourselves out of it, cos sometimes 'close' can be too close.


  1. Sorry you lost a follower :(

    But you look awesome and you're not boring at all!

  2. You look great! It could be me, I couldn't find your followers...Blogger routinely drops me from blogs and I dont' know it and don't catch until, I'm like "hey...what ever happened to so and so?" I wouldn't worry, you're certainly not boring!

  3. Ah, tessierose, come back to me!

  4. Great pics!!! Love the top too!!

  5. I'm still here! Your son is PRECIOUS, your clothes look gorgeous and the concert looks fun! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gosh it has been ages since I've been to a concert! It looks like fun and I told you in my previous post I love Will Young. You go to concerts, you can't be boring!

    Your son has the most gorgeous eyelashes!

    Love your shirt! Too funny your comment on the floating clothes!

    Happy weekend!

  7. well look at you !! those are great pics and both the shirt and the slacks look great. Your small boy looks awfully cute as well. Am I even following you in a real sense? I just link pages over at my place and follow that way.


  8. You are so not boring!! Your little one is ADORABLE!!!

  9. You look great! I tried to follow you again but realized I was having a blonde moment since I found you on my dashboard so I must already be following you and blogger yelled at me and told me that I was following you already. You are so unboring that I wanted to follow you twice...LOL. You look amazing! *Maria*

  10. Youre not boring youre English lol
    Keep blogging I will keep reading. Lovely photos too.

  11. Your son is adorable. Your outfit looks great too. I also have a hard time finding trousers that fit me well. It has gotten a bit easier with some weight loss but it still takes many shopping trips before I can find one pair that I'm happy with.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. This weekend I lost a follower, but then I gained 2 more overnight. They will come back to you!!!