Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Extended Staycation...

on Plateau Island.

I haven't lost any weight since the end of August. I've no one to blame but myself though as I'm simply not trying at the moment. I seem to have slipped into a phase where I'm really quite content to be this weight/size (15st 5lbs/215lbs, UK size 18/20) since it's such a novelty! My confidence has soared and I feel good about myself. Admittedly, I would probably feel a gazillion times better if I weighed less, but for now I'm ok here. The problem with being 'ok here' though is that I'm snacking away on biscuits and chocolate like the end of the world was nigh. I'm not putting on weight as a result of these snacks, but if I could give them the elbow I'd probably lose some weight.

I've also noticed that I'm eating too much; I get to a stage where I'm full and then I push it and have another mouthful of whatever it is I'm eating, even though I know I'm likely to end up having to make a dash for the toilet. How stuipid is that? I need to get myself back under control!

Anyhoo, I hope all the BOOBsters have a wonderful time in Chicago this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos (I think!)


  1. Do you need a fill? Sometimes just that is enough to get me moving again (both attitude wise and helps me to push away that last bite).


  2. You and me both, girl! I've been at my current weight for two months now. I did just go and get an adjustment yesterday, although I'm not sure if he gave me more or just rearranged my stomach inside my band. He took out all the fluid then put it back in. Since he does the drink test, I'm not sure if he added more or not and I didn't ask.

    So far, I'm feeling restriction, so we'll see how it goes.

    But I hear you on the one more bite, the snacks, etc. The only thing that is saving me right now is that I'm keeping up on my exercise, thus preventing me from gaining.