Thursday, 23 September 2010

Official: Blogging Aids Weightloss*

* according to survey carried out on one blogger who reported 100% success and satisfaction with product.

Ok. So yesterday I mentioned that I had been vacationing at the Grand Plateau Resort, Plateauville, Plateaunia; I also said I was ok with it and that it was all my fault as I wasn't really paying any attention to what my band was telling me when it said things like: 'Stop, you've had enough', 'One more bite and you're going to regret it', 'Right, that's it lady, off to the lavatory with you'. Not to mention the biscuits, cakes, desserts, etc, etc.

Well, guess what? When I had my dinner last night, I remembered what I had written about taking the extra bite and then regretting it, so when I was full I pushed my plate away and I didn't have another mouthful (except I did have a yoghurt and a couple of handfuls of Galaxy Coasters later...) Which led me to conclude that getting my thoughts on here actaully helped. Until yesterday I hadn't blogged for about a week and I'd been on my plateau for about three, then I write about how I'm not exactly helping myself or my band, quite the opposite in fact, and look what happens.

And this morning, as a result of listening to my band and working with it, rather than trying to defeat it the scales rewarded me with my new lowest low:

15st 4lb - 214bs - BMI 35.6
(a total loss so far of 48lbs)

And, do you know what that means? It means I'm halfway there! Halfway to losing the 96lbs that I'd like to lose in total.

It means that I'm now standing at the top of the weightloss mountain, I've done the uphill half and I'm about to teeter into the downhill.

Although you could look at it the other way - I've done the downhill half and now I have the uphill half left, since it surely gets progressively harder/slower the closer you get to goal?!


  1. from this end it is probably more like a series of rolling hills..some ups and some downs. Congrats on the Plateau bust through. Did I say thanks for the coolarific bag yet?

  2. Half way is fantastic! Congratulations.