Friday, 24 September 2010

It's a Slippery Slope

So far, so good on the downward slide towards goal. The scales were kind to me again today:

15st 3lb - 213bs - BMI 35.4
(a total loss so far of 49lbs; 47lbs to go!)
Does anyone else think it's weird that you can be on a plateau for weeks and then lose 2lbs in 2 days? I do. Weird, inexplicable, and downright odd, odd, odd.
But I'm not going to complain! I'm just one single, solitary, bite-size pound away from being 50lbs down, and today's weigh-in took me to a total loss (in UK terms) of 3.5 stone. Just 2lbs away from being 'Class I Obese' and just 4lbs away from being '14 stone something' - I'm so excited about seeing '14' on the scales; the last time I was in the 14-stone bracket was in 2003, which was the year I met hubby; it will be great to get back to the weight I was when we met (about 14st 7lbs.)


  1. Just as I start to catch you up you whizz off again!

  2. yep-the stall and drop is how it works with me. It is totally annoying when I know I have eaten next to nothing for days and nothing moves. The longest wait time was just over a month. The shortest..4 or so days.

    My friend loses 2 pounds a week like clockwork...(her is where if she weren't my friend I would put in a mean spirited word exhibiting my jealously)