Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fat Stats

Thought it was about time I put my vital statistics down on the page, if only for my own record and not because they are particularly rivetting!

Now, whilst weighing is a pretty much daily event round these parts, I've found getting the tape measure out to record the centimetres lost (I prefer to work in inches to tell the truth, but the only tape measure I could find at home when I first measured was a centimetre one) somewhat more of a chore. In fact, I've only measured myself five times in a year. Still, at least it means the loss is more noticeable!

The first set of measurements are from 3rd January 2010, just before I started my pre-op diet; the measurements after the :: are from 5th February 2011

Neck: 37cm :: 35
Upper arm right: 40cm :: 33.5
Upper arm left: 39cm :: 33.5
Wrist right: 17cm :: 16
Wrist left: 17cm :: 15.5
Bust: 121.5cm :: 107
Below bust: 106cm :: 92
Waist: 114cm :: 97.5
Hips: 135cm :: 118
Thighs: 132cm :: 114
Knee right:44cm :: 38.5
Knee left: 46cm :: 39
Calf right: 44cm :: 41
Calf left: 46cm :: 40.5
Ankle right: 26.5cm :: 24
Ankle left: 27.5cm :: 24

A total loss of 123.5cm - that's about the height of an average seven year old...

My weightloss month-by-month so far looks a little like this:
January 2010: 15lbs
February: 6lbs
March: 6lbs
April: 1lb
May: 1lb
June: 3lbs
July: 5lbs
August: 10lbs
September: 3lbs
October: 3lbs
November: 3lbs
December: 5lbs
January 2011: 3lbs

From a starting weight of 262lbs, to my current weight of 197lbs that's a total of 65lbs so far (inc. what I've lost in Feb) - that's the weight of an average nine year old...

Thus transforming me from:
Onwards and downwards!


  1. wahhoooooo...I love these kinds of posts :) Just think how skinny you will be in July!


  2. Well done that is an amazing effort! Looking great :)

  3. Thats wonderful.. what great great progress and love the before and now photos.. keep up the good work Justine..