Friday, 4 February 2011

A New Low and Two New Highs

Firstly, my new low:

14st 1lbs - 197lbs - BMI 32.8
(a total loss so far of 65lbs; 29lbs to go)

Wow, 65lbs gone! And just 2lbs from being in a whole new stone - that is making me very excited!

The day before I got to this new low I was having a lot of trouble getting food and even liquids to go down; the band was mega-tight and I was not a happy bunny. I like to eat. I like to drink. And knowing that I can only eat small amounts as it is, when I can't even eat those amounts I get frustrated. It was hubby who pointed out to me that perhaps it was TOTM-related. It hadn't even crossed my mind, but he was right. Next day, lo and behold TOM arrived and the eating went back to normal. Isn't it funny how the band can be affected by such things? Anyway, the tightness/lack of eating got me to my new low, so all was good in the end.

And now for my two new highs.

Tee hee!

Sorry, I hope I haven't scared you all with a photo of my under garments, but I wanted you to see the difference between my new bra (above) and the old one I've been slogging around in for quite some time now (below).Sandy Lee wrote a post recently about the traumas of shopping for new bras. It was quite a coincidence as I had just made myself an appointment at trusty old M&S to have a bra fitting. I've been needing to go for a while but when I was in there the other day I saw they had a promotion whereby you got a £5 lingerie voucher if you made an appointment to have a bra fitting - ever the bargain-hunter, I was there like a shot. I can't remember the last time I was properly measured. I think I got put off by the time I went and was told I was an 'A' cup, when quite clearly this was very wrong. After that I didn't really have much faith in the ladies and their tape measures so continued along the path of shoving myself into a 38B and getting on with things. That all worked out ok until I fell pregnant; then it was maternity bra time, and then breastfeeding bra time; and then I was at my heaviest and felt no inclination to let anyone near me with a tape measure; then I had surgery and started shrinking and couldn't see the point of buying new underwear/outerwear/anywear until things started levelling out, so I just rummaged around in the underwear drawer and wore whatever felt vaguely comfortable. But not anymore!

I'm rather pleased with my new bra. I had been wearing size 38B (sometimes 40B, sometimes 40C); apparently I'm a 38D, which I like very much! The new 'uplifting-ness' has given me a better shape, not just in the boob department, but also in elongating my body and defining my waist a bit more. So, my lesson has been learned. From now on, I won't be scared of the lady and her tape measure.


  1. Yay for new bras! I'm looking forward to when I can go get properly measured again. I just can't justify buying new bras that I will shrink out of in three months.
    And well done on your weight loss! You are looking fabulous!!

  2. I second that-yeah for new bras. I'll post this weekend. Although I won't post pics with me in them. I did have a good experience and Olga is no more. Her name was Olinda (and she had an accent). But she was really nice and just eyeballed me. No tape measurements. Mine came in as a 40C but one of my boobs is smaller than the other. Not by much but she did say she could give me a kleenex.

  3. OMG...Guess where I went today? NO..not M & S but our local Nordstroms for new BRAS!!! Oh you are a saucy one showing them on blog...I was dabating whether I had the guts (of course I have already done the cleavage hanging out pic but sheesh..I dont know if I can do bras. ;)

    Congrats on the new bra size..I went up in cup size too (I know why your cup size goes up as your waist gets thinner but it still doesnt seem right).