Monday, 18 April 2011

We're On the Move

Not the pounds, I'm afraid but us, as a family. In less than 48 hours the removal men will be here to pack us up and in less than 72 hours we'll be on the way to our new house and new life in Somerset. So, as of Wednesday morning my scales will be boxed up and I don't know when I'll see them again - depends how quickly we get round to unpacking. But I'm not going to miss them - I'm 2lbs up from my lowest weight at the moment, so it's a bit depressing to jump on them each morning and see 13st 11lbs blinking back at me; it's not helped by the fact that we're trying to use up (ie eat up) the contents of our fridge, freezer and cupboards before we move! Hopefully next time I weigh in the stress of moving and the extra exercise of humping boxes around might have helped shift those pesky pounds. Not sure how soon we'll be back online, so I'll wish you all a happy and chocolate-free (if that's the way you'd prefer it) Easter.


  1. Congrats!! and good luck with both the move and extra moving induced weightloss!

    We will hopefully be close behind you. We find out today whether our moving day will happen in two weeks.


  2. Congrats and have fun with your move. Hope it doesn't get too stressful, maybe it is just me, but I hate moving :p

    I am sure the break with the scale will do the world of good too :o)

  3. Moving is stressful. I hope things go smoothly for you! Enjoy your new home!