Friday, 6 May 2011

It Must Be the Country Air...

... or the running round after a small boy who hasn't been in nursery, or the football playing in our huge (to us) back garden, or the walking to and from our other house to see how the renovations are coming along, or walking to the swings, or walking round all the towns and villages that we are discovering in this neck of the woods.

It probably isn't the biscuits for breakfast and slice of cake in the afternoon.

Whatever it is though, I'm not complaining as I've lost another 1lb!

13st 7lbs - 189lbs - BMI 31.4
(a total loss so far of 73lbs; 21lbs to go)

The last time I weighed in at this weight was in 1996; in 1997 I did manage to get down to 11st 7lb (161lbs), but that was the one and only time in living memory that I'd ever weighed so little and the pounds gradually crept back on and kept on creeping over the course of 13 years until I weighed 262lbs and decided to get the band. And now the pounds are creeping in the opposite direction - thank goodness!

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  1. well Hello! I have gotten behind in my reading and missed your last post. You look great!! and I love your new hair do.

    This moving stuff is a pain but go you for losing weight while it was going on.