Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Super-Tight Band and Another 1lb Down!!

My band has been soooooooooper-tight for the last couple of days; not crazy tight like some people have experienced where even getting water down is an issue, but tight enough to bother and annoy me. I can pretty much eat just a couple of mouthfuls of whatever meal I'm attempting, and that's it - full and/or stuck. The PBs have been plentiful this week, and that's really no fun at all. I can only assume it's because TOTM is on the way; I think I've blogged before that I seem to get pre-TOTM tightness rather than actual TOTM tightness, although I don't get it every month, which makes it more annoying in its unpredictability. HOWEVER, on the positive side - the result of being able to eat so little, is that I've lost another pound!

13st 4lbs - 186lbs - BMI 30.9
(a total loss so far of 76lbs; 18lbs to go)

This takes my BMI down another notch and into the 30-point-somethings. Just 6lbs more and I'll be in the 'overweight' category, rather than 'obese'. I certainly don't feel 'obese' any more, so I'm looking forward to being officially out of that category.

I found some absolutely horrendous photos of pre-band me when I was sorting through the thousands of photos on dotted about on various computers, laptops, phones, cameras. I'm almost embarrassed to show you, but for the sake of posterity and to see just how far I've come, I'm going to post them. But not today, as this is a celebratory post. Maybe tomorrow!

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  1. Congrats on the new lost pound :)..I hope the band keeps you losing but that the pb's improve.