Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mini-B00B Meet Up!!

Tomorrow I'm heading an hour up the road to Bristol to meet up with Tina and Caroline - how exciting is that?! I finally get to meet some bandster-bloggers in real life in the UK. I've only met one other bandster-blogger before and that was the lovely Catherine, last December when hubby & I were in NY.

Tina is over here on holiday (from the USA) and Caroline lives in Bristol (only an hour away and yet I've never met up with her before); Tina has been a very kind and supportive follower of and commentor on my blog since very early on and it will be great to meet her at long last; she's also going to Chicago so it will be great that I'll at least have met one person before I go there in September. I'm afraid I don't know much about Caroline as I've not read her blog before now (obviously this will change), so it will be good to meet her in 'real life' before getting to know her more through blogland.

And, to top it all, we're meeting at the big shopping mall in Bristol and hubby is staying at home to look after our son, so I'll get a little bit of free time to hit the shops/drink coffee/chat away to my heart's content. Blissssss.


  1. And great fun it was too! One Starbucks coffee lasted us for a veeeery long time. What was lovely for me is that you and Tina were pretty much as you come over on your blogs. In a few days I'll do a post with a pic. Thanks again for a lovely time.

  2. I had a great time meeting up with you two. Did you get your shopping found? I cannot wait to hang out in Chicago!