Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Starting My Preparations!

Today this wonderful book arrived from Amazon; I only ordered it a couple of days ago so I'm very impressed with their service (and that of the Royal Mail, of course.)

Now I can start planning my B00BS trip - how exciting!!! The first pages I'll be consulting (after the 'how to get into the city from the airport') will be the ones that tell me where to go shopping, of course!

Weightloss holding steady at 12st 13lbs - I must be using up enough calories to warrant the chocolate, biscuits and cakes I can't stop eating... But I am trying to eat more protein, so I've had cauliflower cheese for dinner the last two evenings (plus a side serving of courgettes for extra goodness!), plus some cheese with crackers for lunch today. Now, I'm fully aware that cheese isn't the healthiest form of protein but I am trying, honest! Plus I don't eat red meat, so that's out of the equation, and chicken doesn't go down well any more. I should give yoghurts more of a go, I know, but one step at a time.

Now, talking of B00BS once again, I'm sure I read about the possibility of going to a drag show for those of us who arrive on the Thursday evening, but I can't find a reference to it now I try to find it again - typical. Now, was I dreaming about it or can someone point me in the right direction? I've never been to a drag show and I think it could be rather fun!


  1. I am going to go to the Drag show!! I think Stephani mentioned...humm...maybe look at the boobs blog at older posts.

    I am so excited about going so I know you are too!

  2. Hey Roomie, if I come on Thursday, I'll definately being joining you and the others for the drag show.

  3. yay for BOOBs...
    If you want to find a drag show for chicago you should look up boys town. that is what the gay district is called in the area and they have alot of those shows there.

  4. Last year we did the Architecture cruise on the river. It was amazing although Chicago had a cold spot during the afternoon (10C). It got warmer for the evening. I for one will be doing the cruise and also maybe a walk from the hotel to the waterfront on Saturday morning. I'm not arriving until Friday so have a great time at the drag show.

    Check out the internet too about Chicago. I'm with you though. I always need my printed tour books.

  5. I will be posting more about the Drag show on the BOOBS blog next month. It is near the The Baton Club. Me and my roomie Dawyna will be arranging that one!