Tuesday, 30 August 2011

B00Bs 2011 Fun Facts Survey!

How did you pick your blog name?
Adventures in Band Land - I've no idea how I came up with it; I think Catherine's Chronicles from Band Land probably influenced me as hers was first band blog I found and read (from start to finish in about two evenings!)

When did you start blogging?
I first started blogging in November 2007 when hubby & I went travelling for seven months and I wanted to keep a diary of our trip that other people could read; when we returned from travelling in September 2008 and I found out I was pregnant I started another blog, which I still write to this day alongside my band blog.

Theme of blog
Obviously Adventures in Band Land is my blog about being banded and all that it entails; my other blog is about everything else that goes on in my little life.

Did you go to B00Bs 2010?
No, I didn't feel confident enough to attend such a gathering at that point, plus there was the financial aspect, not to mention the distance to travel!

When were you banded?
20th January 2010, the day before my hubby's birthday - you can imagine I wasn't much up to partying or cake eating!

How much have you lost?
In UK-speak I've lost exactly 6 stone; to the rest of the world that means 84lbs, or just over 38kgs. I've got 10lbs to go to reach my own personal goal, although to get into the 'healthy' BMI range I need to lose another 28lbs (or two stone). Now, I know this might sound like an excuse, but I can't honestly imagine that I would look healthy at that weight, even if the powers that be at BMI hq tell me that is what I should weigh.

What are you most looking forward to at B00Bs?
Meeting all of the ladies whose blogs I have been reading, and meeting up again with Tina as we only had a couple of hours at our first meeting when she was over here in the UK. Also attending the drag show on Thursday night and doing a little shopping in Chicago...

What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at B00Bs 2011?
I'm hoping to have a great time with lots of other like-minded ladies!

Children? Pets?
One son, Arthur, who will be two-and-a-half by the time B00Bs comes round; three chickens (although they're not strictly pets, I suppose)

Who is your roomie?
I'm lucky enough to have two roomies - Debi and Krystal; looking forward to meeting them!

What time do you arrive?
About 10.30am on the Thursday; luckily Krystal arrives about 30mins after me so we can share a cab to the hotel - result!

What airport/flight/time?
I know it's O'Hare; I know it's Thursday at about 10.30am and I'm pretty sure it's an American Airlines flight, other than that I'd have to go and look it up and I'm feeling too lazy right now.

What events are you signed up for?
Thursday night Drag Show - I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to this, should be a great first opportunity to meet fellow bandsters and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax over a couple of (small...) drinks.
I've just emailed Shannon about the Sears (Willis) Tower tour to see if I can still go along - I know it's late but I'm not very organised at the moment (we're having our house pretty much rebuilt while we live in rented accommodation and there are a lot of other things going on right now!)

Shopping (and I intend to enjoy this hobby to the full in Chicago!); reading (hopefully I'll get the chance to do this too, without seeming rude!); drinking coffee (Tina, are you coming to Starbucks with me??!!); reading and writing blogs (might not get the chance to do this too much in Chicago.)

"Career" makes it sound important; I'd call it my "job" - part time, I'm an indexer for a publishing company. One day a week in 'high' season I work at the wonderful Lazyhill gallery in Abbotsbury owned by my very good friends R&G. And the rest of the time I look after my lovely little boy.

Single? Married? In a relationship?
Very happily married since December 2005 (we got married in NYC) to my wonderful hubby who secretly got in touch with Stephanie to organise my attendance at B00Bs this year; he and my mum have bought me the flights for my upcoming 40th birthday. Aren't I lucky?

Your birthday month?
November; I'm a Sagittarian. And I turn 40 this year. Yikes.

What do you want other B00Bs to know about you?
In case you don't know already, I live in the UK.

I'll probably be a bit quiet or maybe even shy when you first meet me and I also quite like my own space so I may sneak off for a little bit of 'me time' every now and again - please don't think I'm being rude, I blame it on being an only child!


  1. Cathrines blog was the resason i got banded aand started blogging.!! And I am with you on the "me" space. I will be taking some myself.

  2. Hope you have a lovely time in Chicago - take lots of pics!

  3. Daily Breakfast and afternooner at Starbucks!!! Speaking of which..it is time for mine :)

    I can't wait to get my hands on your magazines. One bar of Cadbury's fruit and nut would be appreciated (i am now back under goal and feel it is deserved :)). If you can throw in a 25 beautiful homes I would love you forever and buy your coffees.


  4. There's a Starbucks a block from the hotel. I think I need to tell Tina she can get Cadbury bars here in Canada. I think she isn't too far from the border. Or else we can send her some. Can't wait to see you.

  5. OOH! Want to share a cab into the city?? :)

  6. You are so lucky to be going! I hope you have a wonderful time with all of the amazing BOOBS!!!!!

  7. Catherine is also the reason I am here! I am so excited that she is coming! I cannot wait to meet her!

    I also love your blog and it will be so much fun to meet. I have family who live in London and Glasgow and I so love CADBURY. In fact Flake is my absolute favorite!

  8. Can't wait to see you in Chicago!! Really looking forward to it!! :)

  9. I'm just so glad your husband and mom got in touch with Stephanie - what a great surprise!!!