Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Big Six (Stone)

Yesterday I had an awful band day; it started normally enough with coffee and then another coffee with a biscuit. Then about 12pm I had a little lunch - it was some left over roasted veggies. I think I managed 2 or possibly 3 roasted sprouts and a similar number of squares of roasted beetroot. And that was it. Those little beggars sat on my band ALL day. Why is it that the healthy stuff hurts and the unhealthy stuff (chocolate, for eg) goes down with almost no problems?

In hindsight perhaps I should have tried to get rid of the offending veggies, but I really wanted them to just go through so that I'd eaten something 'good'. Later on in the afternoon (about 3.30pm) I had two sqaures of chocolate and they sat on top of the veggies and got really painful so I ended up having to do what I should have done earlier.

Then about 6.30pm hubby cooked a superbly tasty meal for dinner - a goat's cheese pasta with sauce made from pesto, cream and spinach with lardons and black pudding - it was delicious; well, the tiny bit I had was delicious, and by tiny I mean 4 mouthfuls of sauce and half a piece of pasta. That was all I could manage, and even that took me well over an hour to eat. But, worst of all, I ended up having a horrendous PB while reading small boy his bed time story, about 7.45pm; while he wasn't looking I had to grab a nappy sack and be sick into it. Gross, with a capital 'G'!

All evening my band/tummy felt sore and even this morning it was a little tender, so I've stuck to liquids (and a couple of pieces of chocolate) so far today (it's now 3.30pm). However, perhaps the pain was worth it because when I weighed this morning I'd lost another 1lb, which means I have now lost a grand total of


Pre-band and when I was first banded I don't think I could ever have thought it possible to lose that amount of weight, but here I am 19 months post-band and six stone (84lbs) lighter, and boy am I chuffed!

12st 10lbs - 178lbs - BMI 29.6

(a total loss so far of 84lbs - 10lbs to go!)


  1. Sorry for the food issues! I am having a few of those myself! booo! BUT fabulous on the 6 stone!!

  2. Six Stones. I have never heard that before- I love it. What a wonderful way to say 84 pounds. I want to move to England!
    Congrats on your loss.
    If you keep up with those problems, you should think about an unfill. That is a tough way to deal.

  3. Fantastic Justine! Sometimes it's only possible the hard way, I agree it's ludicrous that the healthy stuff should be difficult to get down.