Monday, 16 January 2012

Aches and Pains

What a strange coincidence that my post un-fill weight gain has affected my blogging! I seem not to want to document the weight going up quite as much as I wanted to document it going down. I wonder why?! I'm now hovering around the 14stone mark - somedays I see 13st 12lbs, and once last week I even saw 14st 2lbs. Ouch. It's very disappointing because if I take the average and say my weight is 14st (196lbs), then it has taken me just 3.5months to gain the amount of weight that it took me seven months to lose. I was very excited back on 19 February 2011 to report that I'd lost 66lbs and was down to 14st (196lbs); now I'm not at all excited to be reporting that I've gained 1st 8lbs (22lbs) from my lowest low of 12st 6lbs on 23 September 2011 to be back at 14st. So, it takes twice as long to lose weight as it does to gain it. That's a scientific fact, as proven by this experiment featuring me!

However, it's only just over one week til I make a return visit to my surgeon for another top-up. The 0.5mls I had put in last time (14 December) hasn't made much difference, so I think another 0.5mls (which will take me to 8mls in a 10ml band) is in order. When I went for my unfill I had 9mls in there, so I'm still going to be 1ml short of the amount that ended up causing me so much bother (ie hardly eating anything, acid reflux, etc) so hopefully this will see me back at my sweet spot. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, back to the title of this post - aches and pains. When I was making my descent down the slopes of Mt Weight I couldn't tell you at what point my back stopped aching or my knees stopped creaking when I walked up the stairs. But now that I have been making my not-so-slow ascent of Mt Weight, I can pinpoint the exact pound at which the aches and pains returned - 13st 10lbs (192lbs). Interesting, eh? At least now I know where I need to get to, to(hopefully) return to a backache free zone.

Did anyone else ever note/notice the weight at which certain ailments ceased to bother them? At my highest weight I think I just pretty much took for granted the daily backache, knee creaks, tiredness, lethargy. But now they are much more bothersome as I was so used to not having to deal with them. Here's looking forward to a fill which will hopefully help sort my band (and my head) and help a few of those pesky pounds disappear again.


  1. I remember someone saying to me once that the reason we can feel more aches and pains is because we don't have the fat protecting us anymore.

    I thought many a time of how "bony" my butt

  2. I am sorry to hear about the gain, and the pains! I certainly hope that the fill works for you! I will be thinking of you, I miss you!

  3. Keep your chin up. Next week isn't so far away and then I'm sure you'll get right back on the band wagon.

    As for the aches and pains, I think I lost mine before around 13 1/2 stone but that is some way off now. One day I shall be back ache free.

    I did notice that my boobs got saggy around 12 1/2 stone though. (one plus for being bigger)

  4. Holy cow..I don't know exactly which weight but I did turn some corner and some point. I wonder if I could figure it out from the blog? Even though the weight gain is so very nifty that you know at exactly what weight your aches and pains shift.

    I hope your little top up next week does the trick.


  5. Good luck with the fill. You will get back on the wagon and loss the weight.