Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Interesting that I'm back to blogging since my last fill seems to have been a success. Does this make me a fair-weather blogger? Probably; and that's not really a good thing, is it? I should blog the bad as well as the good or else this blog isn't a fair representation of the truth of living with a band. That's not to say I totally shied away from blogging as my weight went up; I have been truthful about it and documented it, but I just didn't document it as regularly, in as much detail, or as joyfully as I documented the weightloss.

Today the scales finally showed me the reward of not eating half as much as I was before this latest top-up, with a loss of 2lbs, thank you very much.

13st 13lbs - 195lbs - BMI 32.4
(a total loss so far of 67lbs - 27lbs to go)

This is a nice figure as it takes me back into the '13st-something' bracket, rather than bouncing around in the low 14s.


  1. I love going down the stone markers, feels like so much more of an achievement. 2 Lbs in one day is fantastic. Glad this fill is working for you. Keep at it. x

  2. wahhoo..Here is to keeping it 1/2 :)


  3. Glad the fill is working so well for you! :)