Monday, 30 January 2012

Sweet Spot Regained?

Not wanting to curse myself, but I'm really hoping that the fill I had on Wednesday (taking me back to 8mls in a 10ml band) might see me back at my sweet spot. Since my much-needed unfill at the end of September I've managed to pack on the pounds due to major over-eating (mostly of chocolates, biscuits and puddings, not to mention much larger portions of pretty much everything else.)

On the day of my fill I weighed 14st 2lbs (198lbs); on Friday morning I'd lost one of those pounds but that seems to be it - I thought I'd have lost at least another one by now, but perhaps my body is determined to hang on to the lovely fat/sugar-laden pounds that I have so kindly gifted it since September 2011.

Anyway, I'm now back to weighing myself regularly - something that had tailed off quite significantly when I knew the scale was creeping upwards. So, here we are, my weight today:

14st 1lb - 197lbs - BMI 32.8

(a total loss so far of 65lbs - 29lbs to go)

Yep, it's a gain and it's a step backwards along the weightloss path (right back to February 4 2011 - nearly an entire year's worth of weightloss undone) but I just have to look at how much I have lost (65lbs) and look at photos of me from a couple of years back to see just how far I've come. Which reminds me - I managed to miss my two year blogiversary; I actually spent the day/weekend celebrating hubby's 40th birthday by eating, sleeping, drinking and eating more at Burgh Island. Ho hum!


  1. Do not beat yourself up here you have done amazingly. You will get the rest off, I have confidence in you my dear!

  2. every slide in either direction brings lessons and new skills so don't look at it as a backslide at all.

    The shop is a go..I am planning and plotting but the chicken in me is going slow :)