Thursday, 23 February 2012


Today finally brought a small shift downwards on the scales

13st 12lbs - 194lbs - BMI 32.3

(a total loss so far of 68lbs - 26lbs to go)

Apologies yet again for my blogging absence and the short posts when I do finally get round to writing something. I just don't know where Old Father Time is going at the moment, he sure is slipping through my fingers at an astonishing rate. Rest assured, I'm here and I'm reading as many of your blogs as I can; I'm just not writing much, or losing much! :(


  1. Yea Justine! Down is better than up.

  2. hooray :) glad you popped in to give us and update.

  3. I'm with Linda -- not gaining is good no matter what!! Nice to see you back in action. :)