Thursday, 8 March 2012

Still Here, Plodding Along (with a couple of photos)

But still not losing any weight. GRRR! I know it's TOTM, so that usually puts the kibosh on any weightloss hopes, but really? Still nothing. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 13st 13lbs. Blah blah and blahdy blah. Two fills and no weightloss. Still, I've taken a positive step in the battle to shed the pounds - I've started eating a 'proper' breakfast. For a while now, I'm ashamed to admit, my breakfast has consisted of a mug of coffee, and then an hour or so later another mug of coffee and two (sometimes three, and sometimes even four) biscuits (ie cookies). Isn't that awful? Everyone knows that eating a good breakfast sets you up for the day. But knowing these things is one thing (those of us who are banded knew we shouldn't have been eating all those calories that got us to needing the band in the first place, but we didn't/couldn't stop); putting them into practice is quite another matter all together. Still, for the last three mornings I have dutifully sat down with hubby and small boy and eaten a bowl of cereal, as hubby tucks into his Shreddies and small boy tucks into one, two, three, sometimes four bowls of Cheerios. He lives by the motto: eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper (I'm constantly trying to persuade him to eat 'just one more mouthful' at dinner time and he simply isn't interested, he can quite happily munch on just breadsticks and cream cheese.)

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, finally breakfasting like a king (or queen). And for the last three mornings I've definitely noticed a difference in my eating habits - ie I'm not looking for snacks, and I'm lasting through til lunchtime. Give that girl a gold star, it's only taken her several months to work it out.

And on an entirely different note: B00Bs 3.0. I do so hope I can make it again this year!

And on another completely different note, I thought I'd share some photos with you of a little family outing we took on Saturday to the fishing village of Beer in Devon and the town of Lyme Regis in Dorset - we're very lucky to have them both about a 40minute drive away from where we live. The sun was shining and it really was a lovely day out. And I might have had a little ice cream. Just a little one... A PB&J sundae - how could I resist? And still I wonder why those pesky pounds aren't falling off me?!


  1. breakfast was a huge struggle for me for a long time! It does make a huge differance though.

    I hate how no one has the power over TOM's desstrcution of the scale.

  2. oh my that ice cream looks awesome!!! and Beer?? David had never heard of beer but we both like the idea of that name for a town. How are the pubs there? Of course I would rather have a town called frappachino or vodka :)

    Im still crap at breakfast. Sadly it is still a peppermint mocha frapp, vitamins, and my other pills (5 all together). I am then quite full well past lunch time even with my little unfill a while back. I convince myself that the milk is as good as breakfast.

    Gooooo Boobs :)

  3. I struggle with breakfast too, mainly as I'm trying to get 2 horrible children out of the house for 8am and I have to shout a lot so my mouth is busy doing other things! Get home from school run/gym and inhale whatever I can find.
    I've been trying to eat shreddies recently and it's helping but they seem to swell in my band, most odd but filling!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    You might be able to help me, my husband is 40 in May and we're going away without the horrors, my Aunt who's in Stroud is looking after them so we're looking to go within a couple of hours of Gloucester which I think might cover your area ish? Could you recommend anywhere? I fancy Bath, Paul fancies Cardiff and we can't seem to agree so could do with tempting him somewhere else! I know that it's his birthday but the idea of Cardiff really doesn't do it for me! (very selfish wife!)
    Thank you