Thursday, 2 February 2012

Spoke Too Soon

Looks like the scale gods are punishing me for getting cocky about the weightloss. Yesterday I'd shot back up to 14st 1lb (2lbs overnight - way to go); today I'm down to 14st. Blah.

I think TOTM is round the corner (I'm terrible at remembering when it's due), but I'm also wondering if there's some sort of panic station starvation mode thing going on. Clearly my body (and my brain) had got used to the levels of gorging on all sorts of everything I was doing while the band and I took an extended break from reality. And now things are getting back on track and the quantities I'm consuming have dropped quite drastically, perhaps my body is clinging on to everything it can get. Well, that's my excuse.


  1. Keep at it and it will behave for you. Just need to keep up on the good things and dont do the bad things :o)

  2. I'm terrible for remembering when TOTM is due and was always getting caught out at the inlaws mainly! I had to get an app, its called period tracker lite and it's great.