Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Musings

It's a Bank Holiday here in the UK today; so we get to enjoy a three-day weekend as we celebrate May Day. As usual the weather is, let's say, unpredictable. This morning it was raining; now we have lovely warm sun, tempered by gusts of wind.

Anyway, on to my musings. I'm still debating whether to get an small unfill.
Reasons to get an unfil:
1) The heartburn still keeps getting me; it's unexpected and unpredictable. I had it quite a bit yesterday (not enough to need any medication, but enough to know it was there and for it to be annoying); other days I get none.
2) Sometimes I struggle to eat regular food; or enough regular food to consititute a meal that will keep me full for several hours
3) As a result of 2) I turn to snacking on crapola
4) Snacking on crapola is becoming a bad habit

Reasons to not get an unfill:
1) There are some days when I can eat a lot. For instance, on Friday evening we went out for a meal with friends and I ate Thai chicken broth for starter; a large piece of salmon with broccoli and a haddock/potato brandade (ie deep fried ball of fish and potato!) for main course; and a Banoffee Eton Mess for dessert. Yep, three courses. All washed down with half a bottle of wine. I was amazed.
2) I'm worried that my habit of snacking on crapola will continue alongside being able to eat more if I get an unfill.
3) If no. 2) goes on too long I'll put on weight.

Where has the lovely 'green spot' gone? I'm sure I got it about a year ago, then the band went all tight on me and since then I just can't seem to get things right. Bum-diddly-bum.


  1. Heartburn sucks and it can be dangerous. From reading other almost seems that getting a defill can can make the whole process work again. Good Luck!


  2. One thing I can suggest is not to eat more than 1 cup of food even if you want to. I think it stretches my pouch when I overheat and I get heartburn. So I stick to 1cup and wait at least 2 hours if I want more. It is so hard to figure this out.