Friday, 18 May 2012

Found Some of My Pre-Weight Loss Trousers...

...and slipped them on. Literally. Didn't need to undo the button/zip. Just slipped them up over my hips. And then had to hang on to them for dear life so as not to scare any small children in the area (aka my darling son who happened to be in the room and said something extreeeeemly sweet [considering he's only three years old] 'Mummy, those are too big'. Good boy; you're a keeper.)

I wanted to take some photos to share with you but since the small boy was in the room I only got the chance to snap two very quickly, and in the second one of those you can see he's hanging on to/pulling my hand, hence the blurry shot (and was saying, in that way that children do, 'Mummy, come downstairs with me, pleeeeeeease'). Anyhoo, I think these two quick shots give you some idea of what has happened in the two-plus years since I had to wear these trousers - 5 stone (70lbs) and five dress sizes to be precise. Yeeeee-haw.


  1. Lovve love love love :) Congrats you.


  2. OMG Justine!! How crazy is that. You could prbably slip your little boy in there too! Great for you!