Thursday, 6 May 2010

Band-Friendly Holiday Food

That went down a treat!

This is me and my ice cream walking along the promenade towards the pier at Teignmouth, having just taken the small boy for his first ever trip to the beach. He wasn't impressed - every time his hands or feet touched the sand he would start crying; no holidays in the Caribbean for him anytime soon...

At least the ice cream went down well; I've had two PBs (on bread and meat) so far and had to sneak behind a beach hut to "relieve" myself of the first one - classy, eh?! Otherwise, all is going well. I'm eating so much less than I was and definitely have restriction; I may actually cancel the appointment I have for a fill on 19 May, although I have no scales here so I will wait til I can weigh again before making that decision for sure. But, compared to any other holiday I've been on (because we all know holidays = eating more and eating worse) my eating has been really good. Long may it continue!

Here's a typical English scene of picnicking on the beach, all wrapped up in our coats!


  1. That looks yummy! I hope you had a great time - small biy is a cutie for sure!

  2. sorry - I meant "boy" :)

  3. He's a doll! It looks and sounds like you are having fun. I live about an hour from the Pacific on the Oregon Coast and it is always chilly there too. Even in August it is usually overcast and cold. My kids still swim in the ocean though. I bet in a few years you won't be able to keep your little one out and you'll yurn for the days when he'd sit sweetly on a blanket.

  4. That's a very familiar scene, hope that you're having a good time. George hates the sand on the beach too and shouts wipe wipe wipe in an odd robot voice!

  5. We have a similar problem on our beaches-too cold most of the time to really strip down to anything beachy looking. Your family is all dressed up though!! :) It is sweatshirts and jeans here.

    wahooo on the restriction. It is funny isn't it how one can be embarrassed by the barfing and happy that you are dong it at the same time?? yay I have restriction but crap..i hope no one sees.

    The ice cream made me drool. I love a good flake.


  6. What a cutie. My kids didn't like grass. Guess it is a prickly feeling on their legs. Hope the restriction stays and you lose lots of weight.