Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Getting Bored Now

So, I thought that perhaps the restriction I feel when I eat "proper" food might have led to a little weight loss when we got back from our holiday. Ha. More fool me for thinking something positive might have come from my ability to feel full after not eating half as much as I used to. For, my wonderful blogland buddies, the scales registered 16st 12lbs the day after we got back. That's an increase of 2lbs since my all-time low. Admittedly, it's now down to 16st 11lbs, but still - it's just not good enough! But, I know full well that I have no one to blame but myself, and here's why:

I have a sweet tooth. No getting away from it, I love cake, biscuits, desserts and chocolates. Not so fussed about sweets, jellies, etc, but those others, I just can't get enough. And, unfortunately, all of those naughty, calorie-laden, high fat bits of scrumptiousness slip on through the band like it doesn't exist. Actually, that's not strictly true - I have noticed that I can't wolf down cake like I used to as there is definitely some restriction with that, but all of the other things slide their greasy way down my gullet and straight on to my hips/thighs/stomach/behind.

So, the band is helping me to stop eating gargantuan quantities of "proper" foods but I keep scoffing away at the "bad" stuff. Is it wrong of me to still expect to lose just a little bit of weight every now and again? Am I really eating that much bad stuff that my calorie in/calorie out ratio is exactly the same, week in week out? I have been at this weight now since the end of March. I lost 27lbs in the 64 days between being banded on 20th January and 25th March; in the 49 days since 25th March I have lost nothing. Well, ok, I lost 1lb very fleetingly, but the scales haven't registered that 1lb again so I don't think I can really count it!

So, here I am in Self Pity City, wondering if perhaps I should have gone for the gastric bypass option...


  1. So sorry to hear your struggling! Have faith in your band - a lot of bandsters say it takes several fills (like 6) to get into the green zone. Hang in there * {{{HUGS}}} to you.

  2. Hi Justine, you seem to be following the same path as me but I havent had anything sweet (no treats at all) which is even more frustrating. But hang on in there it will get better. I weighed in at 16st 11 lb last week and I have given up the daily weigh in so I am stressing about the Sunday weigh in. Good luck you can do it!

  3. Me too. Only down 1 pound since the end of March. Fill next week.