Monday, 24 May 2010

Sweet-ish, Green-ish Spot?

Could it be? Have I found my (sort of) sweet, (sort of) green spot? Since my fill on Wednesday I have absolutely definitely noticed that I have restriction. And, best of all, I've actually lost 1lb -
sound the trumpets

unfurl the banners

buy myself a new handbag as a treat

(don't tell hubby)

it's the first time I've lost weight in weeks!

16st 9lb - 233lbs - BMI 38.8
I'm so pleased. And relieved.
Now, I just need to get my head round the fact that I really, really cannot eat as much as I used to, or as much as my head wants me to, or as much as my head thinks I need to. I've got over the whole thing about having to clear your plate because leaving food is wasteful - we have chickens and they eat a lot of our (non-meat) scraps, so that doesn't worry me too much. Plus, I'm a great believer in using left-overs for future meals. What I am having trouble with (and I know, I know this can be solved by serving up smaller portions but, again, that's easier said than done when you have been eating overly-large portions for years) is feeling that I haven't actually finished my meal, and therefore can't possibly be sated, until all of the food has gone from my plate.
How do I get round this?
1) serve smaller portions on smaller plates
2) if there is food left on my plate when I feel full, take the plate away so I don't have to sit there looking longingly at those final few mouthfuls that I just couldn't fit in (easier at home than in a restaurant)
3) remind myself that just because I didn't eat all of the yummy food at that particular meal, doesn't mean I can't have more later/ever again in my entire life
4) repeat, repeat, repeat until my head catches up with my teeny tiny tummy


  1. wahooo--this was hard for me too. I broke out the tiny pretty dessert bowls, coffee mug and saucers to eat off of. It still feels wrong but I have noticed that my husband and daughter have started using smaller dishes too. Since they struggle with a little bit of overweight issues this is a good thing.


  2. I agree get the head in sync with the band is the hard part, as well as wanting to eat every time you are stressed..
    Good for you for the WL and feeling great with restriction right now!1

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you :)

  4. Well done on your loss!! So glad that the scale is finally moving, i'm stuck at 16.10.

    Love the handbag.

  5. I'm having the same issues, too, Justine. Like I need to finish what is on my plate, or otherwise how could I possibly be full or satisfied. I'm working on it, but it takes a while to get there (I'm assuming since I'm not there yet! lol).