Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Longest Plateau in the World?

So, a few days ago I was doing the happy dance because my scales showed I was down to 16st 10lb, making a total loss of 28lbs, or two stone. Well, guess what? Ever since then I've not even seen 16st 11lb, let alone 16st 10lb. No sirreeee, I've been back at 16st 12lb. Sheeeeeesh! Give me a break food demons.

I think the real problem is... drumroll please..... huge, show-stopping revelation here....


Who'd have thought it, eh? Obviously I'd like to blame the band and say 'Wah! Woe is me, my band doesn't work', but it does work. So many of you out there in BlogLand are showing me that being banded is a great tool for weightloss, but my problem is that I haven't yet grasped the fact that it is a TOOL, and not just a magic pill that I swallowed to instantly and painlessly shed the pounds.

The trouble is, I was spoiled when I was first banded - the pounds were dropping off and it felt like I didn't have to do anything to help, the band did all the work and I just sat back and let it get on with its job - hell, that was what I'd paid nearly £7000 for!! But I've been at this same weight for five-and-a-half weeks now, despite having two fills.

So, what conclusion have I reached? Well, it's this: yes, the band is helping me to eat smaller portions at mealtimes (probably not yet small enough, hence I have another fill booked for 19 May), but I now need to help the band - a little bit of quid pro quo so to speak (wow, all those years of learning Latin at school have finally come in useful!) If, as well as a regular day's meals, I eat seven biscuits (cookies) in one sitting, having a cake with my afternoon coffee, a dessert after dinner and a chocolate bar later in the evening is that me helping the band? How can I complain that 'it isn't working' when I am doing my best to cancel out and sabotage the good things that it is doing?

So, now I need to really knuckle down and get this weight moving in the right direction!

In other non-band news: the small boy is now standing up and starting to cruise around the furniture, which is bringing a whole new dimension to his world and ours. Yesterday he was playing with the back door keys and now we can't find them so hubby has to change the lock today as tomorrow we are off on holiday to Devon (scones and cream tea, anyone?!) We are taking our laptop so I may be able to blog while away; if not, I look forward to seeing less of you all when I get back!


  1. ah ha an English Bander! I know what you mean about the plateau, I was 17.1 on Monday and just had my first fill. I have only had liquids all week (its all I could swallow) and approx 600cals per day then on Friday I was 17.5lb!!!! Whats that about?
    Anyway I ate a big bowl of Krave cereal and a chicken nugget (good choices eh?)yesterday and this morning I am 17.1lb again. I think I am going nuts.
    Have a great holiday, I hope the weather is good in Devon (its rained hard for 2 days in Essex) STAY AWAY FROM THE CLOTTED

  2. I'm the same. Have been at the same weight for the last 5 weeks. Was only able to claim a 1 pound (1/14th of a stone) loss in the month of April. But I have a fill on Monday so hope that will give me some restriction to eat less. I just ate 2 blueberry pancakes. Think I need some control from the band. We'll get there. Just wish it was faster. I love Scones, but haven't had them for a long time. Have a great holiday in Devon.

  3. I think May is going to be a good month for you. You've recognized what you need to do differently and it sounds like you're going to do it. Keep us posted.

    Have a great time in Devon. I could use a scone & cream tea right now *sigh*.

  4. wow such insight. My guess is it is both an indicator that you need a fill and a wake up on the sweet snacking. If you can carry on recognizing these things you will do great!!

    It is easier and it is a tool. I find that with a good fill I don't go looking for sweets so often as I feel full most of the time. The band doesn't help me, however when cakes are sitting around available because i can snack the day away eating little bits at a time.

    Good for you!! and I know that weight will start shifting soon.


  5. So true - and a lesson I think all bandsters (well many, maybe some are perfect!!!) learn at some stage. Have a great break away and keep all precious objects out of the way of the little man!!!