Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Word for 2011

Jumping on the 'word for 2011' bandwagon, I've chosen 'enjoy'
verb (used with object)
1: to experience with joy; take pleasure in
2: to have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of
3: to find or experience pleasure for (oneself)
4: to undergo (an improvement)

All of these definitions seem very apt for life with the band, don't you think? And in more detail, here's how they do/will/can apply to me:

No. 1 - since the amount of food I can now eat is very limited, I intend to take pleasure in the foods that I do/can eat. I refuse to feel guilty about eating a biscuit, in fact I don't even feel guilty if I eat one hundred and eleventy seven biscuits in a day, followed by a big bar of chocolate and a wash it all down with a Snowball. So what? Tomorrow I may only eat a grape.

I also intend to experience with joy shopping for clothes, playing with my son, spending time with hubby, going out in the snow, meeting friends, and all those things that were not necessarily joyous when I weighed 60lbs more.

No. 2 - I am using the band with satisfaction and I certainly have the benefit of it

No. 3 - I am finding and experiencing pleasure in many aspects of my life since being banded - see No. 1 above.

No. 4 - I think it's fair to say that I have undergone an improvement since being banded - my health has improved, I have more energy, more confidence and I am generally a much happier person.

In the words of a song written in 1949 and played as the introduction to his programme by one of my favourite DJs:

Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think
Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink
The years go by, as quickly as you wink
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself,
It's later than you think
And here's my darling boy showing how easy it is to enjoy life!


  1. Bravo. Love your word. And you are so right, we need to enjoy our lives and not wait for a magic moment to happen before we can start. Just look at that cutie pie picture. Kids have a way of "enjoying" absolutely. Even if they only have a box to play with. Enjoy your day!

  2. Love it!
    He is adorable...cherish each day!

  3. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing your word! "Enjoy" sounds like a great plan for a new year.

  4. Thanks for the correction on NSV-guess I guessed wrong a year ago. But I think you are right-I changed it on my post. Gotta keep the newbies up to date.

  5. A lovely word choice :o) Enjoy every moment of this year!!

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