Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Embracing Onederland

Another bout of the grumbling tummy over the weekend led to me lose another pound. Very odd that two weekends in a row hubby & I have both had tummy trouble. Still, I'm not going to complain at another pound lost, even if it was an uncomfortable one!

14st 2lbs - 198lbs - BMI 32.9
(a total loss so far of 64lbs; 30lbs to go)
Look at that little BMI number! I'm into the 32s. Still another 19lbs to lose before I'm in the 'overweight' category. That seems crazy to me - I feel so much better having lost 64lbs, but I'm still considered to be obese; and even when I've lost 83lbs and will be at the lowest weight I can almost ever remember being, I'll still be overweight! Oh well, onwards and downwards.


  1. it is totally weird you had tummy issues two weekends in a row-

    David (hubby) used to have headaches every weekend and just when I thought it was me giving him the headaches we figured out that he was not having any coffee and he had it first thing every weekday at 8am.

    Perhaps you are eating out or something on Friday or the pub or some food or drink you are sensitive to? Something to think about anyway. Of course it might just be supreme intestinal fortitude during the week that is collapsing over the weekend. :)


  2. BMI is not a great standard. I am in a size 12 and medium and am still technically overweight. I don't think anyone looking at me would think I was overweight, but BMI says I am.

  3. Well done on your loss. It's odd about 2 weekends with an upset tummy but there are lots of stomach bugs going around here at the moment so could just be a bug.