Monday, 17 January 2011

Two Hunderland With a Little Help from Norovirus

Hubby was in Munich for a business meeting from Wednesday to Friday last week; while there he had a delightful bout of sickness and diarrhoea, also known as Norovirus, or the winter vomiting bug. Now, while I never want any member of my family to be ill, I was glad he had it while he was away as I thought it meant myself and small boy would be safe. I was wrong. Yesterday lunchtime I started feeling a bit odd, tired, irritable; it came and went and I didn't think much of it because, to be honest, I'm quite often a bit odd, tired and irritable...

However by the early evening I was feeling much worse until I ended up dashing to the loo several times, sometimes not knowing which end should face the bowl first (sorry if that's TMI!) Luckily I was only sick twice. Vomiting (properly, not just to get rid of something 'stuck') with the band isn't fun, is it? I'm guessing whatever it is that you are vomiting has to come from the 'bottom' stomach, through the band the wrong way, into the 'top' stomach, and then out. Yuck. I just hope I haven't done any damage to the band. Luckily I have an appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday, so I'll mention it to him.

By about 9pm I was feeling much, much better - well enough to drink a few glasses of water and eat two pieces of Terry's Chocolate Orange... Considering that hubby suffered for a full 24 hours, I think I came off lightly. Now I'm just hoping the small boy doesn't come down with it.

Anyhoozles, the really, really good thing about a short bout of sickness and diarrhoea is that it leads to dehydration which leads to weightloss. (I am saying that all with my tongue firmly in my cheek, in case you're all sitting there thinking 'What? Is she crazy? She thinks being sick and dehydrated is a good thing?') This morning the scales recorded my lowest weight yet:

14st 4lbs - 200lbs - BMI 33.3
(a total loss so far of 62lbs; 32lbs to go!)
Yes, 200lbs, on the nose.
That's just 1lb to go til Onederland.
And 3 days til my one year bandiversary.
Will I make it??????


  1. Sounds horrible, hope that your son doesn't pick it up too.
    I'm so stuck (at the same weight) that I'd consider a little illness to get it moving!

    Well done on hitting 200!

  2. So sorry about the being sickly, but hooray for 200! Hope you see onderland very soon!

  3. Not one pound, my dear, but one OUNCE! I can't wait to read your Onderland post!

    Hope you feel better! Not fun!

  4. You will be seeing the onederland numbers before you know it :o)

  5. haha I like the tongue in cheek picture here. Congrats on the bit 200 hit. :)..I am soo sorry for the tummy bug..that vomiting thing is very strange eh? I have only had the stomach bug once since banding..but man o was scary! It was all OK-and I am sure you too will have no band damage.