Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year Anti-Miracle

I've put on weight. Arrggh. Now, admittedly it is TOTM so I could blame that. Or I could blame myself for eating my body weight twice over in chocolate biscuits. How is it that I was 'good' over Christmas, but now feel the need to eat and eat and eat all the naughty stuff that's left over? Don't worry about suggesting that I throw it away because I know I just won't do it. I'll just keep eating; that's what I do. But I'll be ENJOYING it - so don't worry about me!

14st 8lbs - 204bs - BMI 33.9
(a total loss so far of 58lbs; 36lbs to go!)

That's 3lbs up from my lowest weight and now 5lbs away from Onederland. I have a feeling I might be sabotaging myself. There's something a bit odd about me that makes me think I shouldn't have set the goal of being in Onederland by 20 Jan. As soon as there's some sort of concrete goal to aim for, it's like I'm determined not to do it. Can't explain why. Think it's the awkward, only child part of my nature that refuses to do as she is told. Ho hum. Not to worry, the weight will come off just as soon as stock in the treat cupboard is running low again. Look away now if you don't want to see what the treat cupboard looks like at this very moment.

The treat cupboard can't really be blamed for the weight gain because the treat cupboard actually looks like this most of the time and I don't bother about it that much. So, it must be a combination of TOTM and sheer bloody-mindedness that is making me pile on the pounds. Perhaps I need to tell myself "There is no goal; there is no goal" and the weight will just melt away...


  1. mmmm Terry's chocolate orange. Is that one of my five a day???

  2. Am I the only one looking at the picture and thinking how much I'd like the eat the Reese's right now?
    I'm sure that its just a hormonal thing, you'll be back to normal in no time.

  3. Well I personally was searching for some cadburys or walkers shortbread in that cupboard :)--now look what you started! you are going to drag us all down that treat in the pantry path you are one :) haha....

    Seriously-I have been eating since Christmas and am having exactly the same problem with the leftovers in my house too. I am up 4 pounds (thank goodness I walked one off yesterday on my long work day). I am with you-I cannot throw the treats away but I have figured out that if I share liberally I can speed up the getting rid of process. Now doing this makes everyone around me gain weight too but has to share the love right?? :)

    Man I wish I was at home and could break into my unhealthy stassh :)..sitting at my desk with only healthy stuff at my fingers.


  4. I want a treat cupboard :o)

    No I don't, mine would be empty by now :(

    I am so conflicted by that photo!!!!