Thursday, 9 June 2011

Before Photos, As Promised

December 2008; 6 months pregnant. No idea how much I weighed, but probably 18stone something (252lbs+).March 2009; 4 days before giving birth, again I can't remember how much I weighed then - but probably in the region of 19stone (266lbs+)Day before I gave birth. Looking good. Ha.April 2009; a couple of weeks after giving birth; I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight by then, having only gained 2stone during the actual pregnancy, but that still only took me back to about 18stone. May 2009. Don't know how much I weighed here but wearing a UK size 22 (US 18?) outfit and no reason to think I was anything less than 18stone (252lbs)

June 2009. Same weight.
July 2009. Same same!

September 2009; no doubt the same

I can't find any photos of me from October-December 2009 and then in January 2010 I had the band fitted - thank goodness! And you've all seen the photos from then onwards.

Just wanted to leave you with a couple of photos from April of this year - what a difference 5.5stone (75lbs) and 15months can make:


  1. wahoooooo :) You look great!


  2. Amazing! You are transformed.

  3. thanks for sharing your pictures! Your babe is adorable, especially the sink photo :)

  4. You've done so well. Love the silver cross!

  5. WHAT? OMG!! YOu look FAB!!!

    Very Inspiring!
    Im your new follower!