Thursday, 16 June 2011

Detailing My Food Intake

On the back of my post yesterday where I complained (again) about my band being tight, I thought perhaps I should write down everything that I eat in a day and then analyse whether my band is actually tight, or if perhaps I'm just being greedy wanting to eat more than I should/can. Now that the day is done and I've finally finished stuffing my face (give or take a couple of chocolates...) I'm almost embarrassed to list all that I've eaten considering all I seem to have done is whinge about my band being tight. Not to mention the fact that pretty much all I have eaten today is largely junk. Anyway, here's my food intake for today: I think it's fair to say my band isn't tight and I'm just greedy.

8.30am: 2 bites of toast; 1/2 a mug of coffee (hubby will tell you that I'm a demon for leaving half drunk mugs of coffee around)

11.30am: 2 shortbread biscuits

12pm: 2 crackers with duck pate

1pm: 2 more crackers with duck pate - very moreish; 3 olives

3.30pm: half a red velvet whoopie pie; ate too quickly and had to 'dislodge' some. My own stupid fault.

5.30pm: small (say 2 inches x 1 inch) piece of refrigerator cake

7pm: 2 shortbread biscuits

8pm: large handful of pretzels with small bowl of taramasalata as a dip

9.30pm: portion of New York (the best sort!) cheesecake with cream

Apologies for the lack of breaks/returns in this posting; I wrote it on my iPhone, and clearly that's made a difference.

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  1. you want my opinion even though it might not be the one you want to hear? :) (I say with a smile on my face).

    Your food intake is very high in carbs. I saw very little protein, except the pate which is pure fat, and no fruit or veggies of merit. Everything you've eaten would have left me with the feeling like I had a 10 ton elephant on my chest, even in small quantities. too rich, too non band friendly.

    I think it's great that you wrote everything down and that is the first step to making better healthier choices. Good luck to You, Justine!!