Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A 'Tiny' NSV

Yesterday during a conversation with a very good friend of mine, I received two major compliments which made me feel very chuffed indeed. The first went something like this: 'Your thighs are tiny' and the second was 'You really go in at the waist'. What was great about this was that it followed a comment my darling hubby had made the day before about how I had a nice figure that went like 'this' - cue hubby making hourglass shape with his hands.

The funny thing about the thighs comment is that I see them as being one of the worst parts of my body; I think they are really big because I struggle to find trousers that fit properly. If trouser fit on the thighs then they gape at the waist; if they fit on the waist, there is no way on God's earth I would be able to wear them due to the twin issues of tightness and indecency. However, if you turn this issue on its head, perhaps it's not that my thighs are TOO BIG, instead it's a case of my waist being TOO SMALL. Oh yes sirreeee, that's the problem. My waist is too tiny to find trousers that fit properly. Yeehaw! (and, of course, trouser designers have no idea what real women look like.)

And this all leads back to the issue that so many of us have of only seeing the negative parts of our bodies when all along these 'bad' bits are either not that noticeable (except to us), or are actually non-existent. Time to accentuate the positive methinks.


  1. Word. My thighs are freakishly huge...but I am pretty sure on me, myself, and I would refer to them as freakishly huge. Sometimes I feel like I am looking in funhouse mirror bc they seem so out of proportion with my body...but I think sometimes I am crazy as well!

  2. Those are great NSVs and it's hard because we all focus on the negative areas we don't like about ourselves. I like what you said that it's time to accentuate the positive!