Monday, 26 April 2010

There's a First Time for Everything, Twice

I had my first PB!
And about 12 hours later I had my second one!
Crikey heck they hurt!
I always wondered what it would feel like, and now I know - for me it's a pain between my shoulder blades, really low down, which is odd as I always thought I would feel it more in my chest - the sort of feeling when you get the urge to whack yourself in the sternum with a clenched fist.
I've had food get a 'bit' stuck before, and once I had something (bread, white) get really, painfully stuck before passing on through, but yesterday evening something (belly of pork) got stuck and it just didn't want to move on. And it became progressively more uncomfortable despite my best efforts to jiggle it on through; after about 5 minutes of walking around the living room, waving my arms like a windmill, leaning this way, leaning that way, it finally occured to me that if this piece of food wasn't going down, it was going to have to come up. And once it was up, I felt fine again - fine enough to carry on eating, albeit this time more slowly and with much smaller, more well-chewed mouthfuls. And then it happened again this morning, this time with porridge (knew I shouldn't have bought the giant oats!) Something tells me I might have restriction... I just wish that restriction applied as well to chocolate and bisuits as it does to giant oats and pork belly!


  1. Oh great...this is what I have to look forward to!

  2. stucks are the worst. I seem to have more trouble with meats than anything else.

    Restriction, however, is great!! You will be in the size 18's in no time. I will have to pop some of my regular 18s in the mail for you.


  3. Nasty, isn't it? My worst episode was with evil corn on the cob...what a shame!

  4. oooh i had one episode so far and it was horrible. but i guess it's what we have to go through to learn what will or won't go down.