Wednesday, 8 August 2012

B00Bs Meet in London!

Well, guess who I met up with in London this weekend?

(who, in case you didn't know [what planet are you living on?!?], is over here for the Olympics)


Here we are, looking like we're in prison... But we'd actually just enjoyed a lovely lunch together (with my hubby, too) in a great deli/cafe in Marylebone called The Natural Kitchen (we all had salad, in case you were wondering, and I had to take most of mine away since the portions were sooooo huge.)

And guess what Beth brought all the way from the US of A for me? Something healthy? Something diet-licious? Ha! As if I'd request something like that. Nope, Beth brought me...

There aren't many left now...

And after hubby and I said a fond farewell to Beth, we headed for the Olympic Park. Oh yes, we had tickets for what the British media has named 'Super Saturday' - the day in which Team GB won plenty of gold medals; and we were there to see three of them in the Stadium that evening.

Look, that's me and the cauldron/Olympic flame. Which one of us is the hottest? Ha!

The stadium. Obviously.
Lots of people (me included) getting VERY excited because Mo Farah was about to win the third gold of the evening for Team GB. Woop woop! The noise in the stadium was immense.

All in all, a brilliant day!