Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Christmas Miracle

I've been a bit remiss on the blogging front, haven't I? I just don't know where the time has gone. Hubby finally got home from the US on the Monday evening and then on the Wednesday we headed "oooop north" for the Christmas break; we were away for a week and it flew by in the blink of an eye. Christmas has just disappeared; hubby & I were both felt that we didn't get a chance to appreciate the run-up to Christmas, which is one of the parts we enjoy the most. Oh well, there's always next year!

So, Christmas brought with it the usual round of chocolates, crisps, chocolates, biscuits, drinks, chocolates, party food, chocolates. But this year things were slightly different from my point of view because, obviously, there was no over-eating. Yes, I ate more chocolates than usual; yes, I drank more alcohol (in the form of Snowballs) than usual, but that was about it. And, the Christmas miracle came in the form of a 1lb LOSS over the Christmas period. Yep, a LOSS. Must be the first time in history that I have lost weight at this time of year. And it's all down to the band.
14st 5lbs - 201bs - BMI 33.4
(a total loss so far of 61lbs; 33lbs to go!)
Just 2lbs to go til Onederland....

And another first for this time of year - I went out in the snow and I didn't mind. I'm not going to say I love the snow, because I don't but I certainly don't hate it as much as I did when I was 60lbs heavier! I just pulled on my new Ugg boots (courtesy of hubby for Xmas, by way of NYC) and off I went, pulling small boy along on his sledge.

Oh, and another first - I bought a new outift to wear specifically for Christmas Day. The photo quality is appalling - taken with an iPhone which small boy had been playing with (greasy paws all over the lens) - but you get the idea, I'm sure. New dress from Monsoon in UK size 18 (US 14) and a pair of knee-length boots from a regular shop (Clarks), courtesy of my Mum for Xmas.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break, and Happy New Year too! Here's hoping it's a slender one.

Monday, 20 December 2010


Two bits of good news today:

1) Hubby is finally on his way home; his flight from Orlando left at 6am Florida time/11am UK time and he is due in about 7pm this evening. Apparently the pilot thinks the flight will take an hour less than usual presumably because the plane weighs almost nothing (a bit like me -hah!) due to there being just 42 people (including crew) onboard! Isn't that crazy?

2) I weighed in this morning another 1lb down - if I didn't miss hubby so much I'd almost want him to stay away longer so my weight continues to plummet! So, I've now lost 60lbs - a great big fat 6-0 pounds have gone and they are NOT coming back. I have no fear about Christmas; I shall eat what/when I like safe in the knowledge that the band will keep me (mostly) on the straight and narrow and Onederland will be here in the New Year.

14st 6lbs - 202bs - BMI 33.6

(a total loss so far of 60lbs; 34lbs to go!)

That's just 3lbs til Onederland!

**** edited to add****

I've only just realised that the 60lbs loss coincided with my 11 month bandiversary! Great timing, non?!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Having a 'mare

Poor hubby is having an absolute nightmare getting home from the USA right now due to the snow in the UK. He started trying to get home on Friday afternoon; it's now Sunday evening and he's a little closer than he was, but not much. Friday he was in San Francisco, his flight from there to Los Angeles got cancelled so he missed his onward flight to the UK; so Saturday morning he flew to Houston from where he was supposed to get an onward flight to London; he got to Houston but the onward flight was cancelled; he was booked on to the same flight a day later (ie today); that flight also got cancelled. He's now waiting for a flight from Houston to Orlando and is booked on a flight from there to London. His flight from Houston has been delayed; luckily (?!) the onward flight has also been delayed. Jeeeeepers, poor hubby.

And poor me too - having to cope with small boy all on my own, in the snow! Our car is snowed in so although the main roads are clear, there's very little chance I can get the car out and get him over to nursery tomorrow, so that's another day I'm going to have to find something to keep him entertained and worn out! Still, the good news is all this lone-parent child-rearing has led me to lose another 1lb!!

14st 7lbs - 203bs - BMI 33.8
(a total loss so far of 59lbs; 35lbs to go!)
That's just 1lb away from 60lbs down and just 4lbs away from Onederland!!!! Will I make it in time for my one year bandiversary? Watch this space...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Now, Don't Be Jealous But....

Oh yes indeed, I was lucky enough to meet a Band Superstar in the flesh, in New York! Catherine's was the very first blog I started reading, just before I was banded back in January and she was (and still is) definitely an inspiration.

We had a lovely bandster dinner (soup followed by a shared dessert!) at a trendy restaurant in the Meatpacking District, and we talked and talked for over three hours. It was like meeting up with an old friend, and Catherine is just as lovely as you would expect.

So, not only did I get to meet Catherine, but I had a lovely weekend in NY mostly, but not always, with hubby. We flew in on Friday morning and hot-footed it to the apartment we had rented on the Upper West. We pretty much just dumped our bags and headed straight out the door to refuel at Starbucks before hitting the shops - we had an itinerary to stick to! First stop was Harry's Shoes where hubby bought me a fab pair of Ugg boots for Christmas and from there on in we just kept on shopping (and eating and drinking.) I had quite a bit of trouble zipping up my bag when I headed back to the airport on Monday evening due to the amount of "stuff" I had to cram in.
Sunday evening hubby had to fly to San Francisco for business leaving me all alone in NYC with just a credit card for company...
Although I treated myself to calorie-laden drinks and cakes in Starbucks throughout the weekend, not to mention some bar food (onion rings and mozarella sticks) on Friday evening for our wedding anniversary, I got home on Tuesday morning to find that I was just 2lbs heavier than when we set off. And by this morning those 2lbs have gone and I'm back to 14st 8lbs.
This was the first time I'd flown since having the band fitted in January and one thing I did notice was that it did feel quite tight - I even had trouble getting some water down at one point and then had to make use of the 'sick bag' to get rid of some slime as we were coming in to land and the pilot had turned the seatbelt light on - nice! I also had some aches across my back, in the area of my bra strap, and I know this was where I got my gas pains after being banded (rather that in my shoulder where many people suffered) so I'm assuming it was band-related. Other than that, I didn't have too much trouble and all in all, had a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Low Today, High on Friday

Perhaps I will make Onderland in time for my one year bandiversary (6 weeks away), because after this morning's trip to the gym the scales rewarded me with

14st 8lbs - 204bs - BMI 33.9
(a total loss so far of 58lbs; 36lbs to go!)

That's just 5lbs away from Onederland, and it's also taken me onto a new BMI number - I'm in the 33s!

So, that's today's low. And Friday's high will be courtesy of one of these

aboard which hubby & I will be winging our merry way to NYC to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in the city where we were married. Credit card(s) and empty suitcase at the ready.

This is the first time Ive flown since being banded and with 58lbs less of me I'm looking forward to

1) not having to ask for a seatbelt extension

2) fitting into the seat without feeling like the circulation in my thighs will be lost for days

3) being able to get the tray table down far enough that balancing a drink on it is not a precarious manoeuvre

Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Week of Firsts, and Seconds

First no. 1) I turned 39 on Monday, for the first time! I also turned 34, for the second time as, for the last few years, I have been counting backwards in birthday years and will continue to do so for as long as I can get away with it.

First no. 2) I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in YEARS. Literally years. I think the last time I went was in 2003. The reflection in the gym mirror suggests I need a new sports bra. I then went back again today for the second time, despite the fact that I had two excuses not to go: 1) my trainers had rubbed so I couldn't wear them and hubby had to hunt in the cupboard under the stairs for another pair; 2) it had snowed. But we all know that since we can see the gym/health club from our house, inclement weather is no excuse not to get there!

First no. 3) I saw a new low on the scales yesterday

14st 9lbs - 205bs - BMI 34.1
(a total loss so far of 57lbs; 37lbs to go!)

Yee haw! At this rate, with continued visits to the gym perhaps I'll be able to get to Onderland before my one year bandiversary (20th January.)

But not if I keep eating delights such as the birthday cake which hubby made for me!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

I Did It!

Yep, sucks to you hubby, I lost the extra pound without giving up the biscuits! Yesterday morning the scale gods (goddesses? Libra?) smiled upon me and granted me the wish, five days early, that I would lose 4 stone (56lbs) before my birthday. Yee haw!

14st 10lbs - 206bs - BMI 34.3
(a total loss so far of 56lbs; 38lbs to go!)
Just 7lbs more and I'll be in Wonderful Onederland!
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you across the pond. Hope it's a good one. And I hope you all spend Black Friday buying skinny new clothes!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

10 Month Bandiversary and Some Photos

I totally forgot that Saturday was my 10 month bandiversary! And how fabulous that it coincided with my lowest weight yet (which, incidentally I am back down to as of this morning). That means in 10 months I have lost 55lbs! Not too shabby, methinks!

I do have a little mini-goal that I would like to reach by next Monday - it's my birthday and I would love to lose one more pound by then as that would be 4 stone (56lbs). Hubby said it would be perfectly do-able if I laid off the biscuits. Damn cheek!

And, as per Tina's request, here are a few photos of moi, taken on Saturday morning before I went out for lunch with the girls from my NCT group. Not too brilliant as I'm rubbish at taking photos of myself in the mirror - how does Catherine manage it so well?! Please admire my child-bearing hips (and thighs) but ignore my socks!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Rehydration Sucks

Tina, you were right.

Rehydration sucks big time. This morning the scales showed 15st 0lbs (210lbs) - a 3lbs gain in just 24 hours. Bah humbug. I'm not having that! That's the most I've been since my fill ten days ago. Obviously I'm not officially recording it; in my head I'm still 14.11 (207lbs).

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Dehydration Rocks!

Went out last night.

Drank too much wine (ie nearly a whole bottle.)

Woke up this morning with fuzzy head = bad.

Weighed self = good.

14st 11lbs - 207bs - BMI 34.4
(a total loss so far of 55lbs; 39lbs to go!)
Who needs the gym?!

Thursday, 18 November 2010




my weight has dropped.

I've been stuck on 14st 13lbs for aaaaaages (three weeks and one day to be precise.) Not to mention bouncing around to 15st 1lb and, eeeeeeek, 15st 2lbs during those weeks. But today, at long, long last I saw

14st 12lbs - 208bs - BMI 34.6
(a total loss so far of 54lbs; 42lbs to go!)
And I didn't even have to go to the gym to get rid of that pound; but maybe if I do go it won't take 22 days to lose the next one!

Monday, 15 November 2010

I Joined a Gym

What's wrong with me?!!! Something seriously weird is happening here. Hubby started talking the other day about joining the gym/health club across the road from us. Yes, it really is literally across the road - we can see it from our house, so there's goes the excuse of 'The car wouldn't start so I couldn't get to the gym' or 'It was raining and I couldn't be bothered to walk'. Anyway, when hubby mentioned joining up so that he could get a little exercise and also take small boy along swimming rather than being tied to the rather strict schedule for littlies at the public pool, it planted a little seed in my head. A couple of days later that little seed had sprouted into a fully formed idea whereby

I would also join the gym
So, yesterday we went and got ourselves joint membership. Now I need to
1) find/buy something that would possibly be suitable to wear whilst stumbling along on the treadmill and pulling muscles left, right and centre
2) try on my old swimming cossie and see if it's indecently baggy yet
3) summon up the courage to actually get over there
Incidentally, because this 'gym' markets itself as a health club, they have treatment rooms too where one can partake of massages, facials, waxes, etc. I'm pretty sure I could find the time/energy/courage to book in for one of those.
Oh, and I got another fill on Weds afternoon; I'm now up to 9mls in a 10ml band and restriction is well and truly back. Not lost any weight yet but holding steady at 14st 13lbs rather than bouncing around between 14.13 and 15.2 so hopefully things will start moving in the right direction in the next few days.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Another Fill?

I'm booked in for another fill on Wednesday afternoon. It's been on my mind to get one for a few weeks but I kept putting it off and I'm still not 100% sure whether I actually need one. At the moment I've got 8.5mls in a 10ml band and the last time I had a fill was 28 July - so that's about 3.5 months ago. Since that fill I've lost 17lbs which is pretty good going I guess, but recently that weightloss has really slowed - in August, immediately after the fill, I lost 10lbs, in September and October it was 3lbs per month. Yes, the weight is still going down, but it seems very slow and I know there are times when I am eating more than I probably should be. Nothing in comparison to what I could/would have eaten pre-band, but still more than a good bander should!

But then, on the other hand, what makes me think that maybe I don't need a fill is that I can still get full very quickly on some things, and also that I can get very stuck on other things. But, going by my benchmarks, I think a very small fill might be on order.

Mine are (and please excuse the fact that neither are healthy...):
a slice of toast - if I can eat more than half a slice then it might be time
biscuits (cookies) - if I can eat more than 2 or 3 in one sitting then it might be time

I'm also finding that I get hungry more quickly after I've eaten, and I'm thinking about food more.

What benchmarks do you all have?

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Whetting the Appetite

I'm very much looking forward to being able to enjoy my peppermint mocha out of one of these little beauties very soon!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

100 Posts

This is my 100th post and I have nothing noteworthy to say! I should probably be more eloquent but I was merely popping by to wish you all a

Here's hoping it's a scary and skinny one for us all!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Never Leave a Stone Unturned

Oh dear, what a bad blogger I am. Yet another grand hiatus. But I have another excuse - this time I've been at home (in Bristol) playing nursemaid for my Mum who had to go into hospital to have her gallbladder removed. Luckily, it was done by keyhole surgery so she was in and out in the same day and is already much improved.

While I was at home I managed to fit in a lot, yes A LOT, of shopping time because hubby had taken small boy up to see Grandma and Grandad so it was just me and Mum at home. While Mum enjoyed some R&R, I spent a grand total of 15 hours at the mall. Yes, 15! All on my own, not pushing a small child around, infinitely aware of the amount of time he is willing to spend in his pushchair; all on my own, knowing there wasn't anyone waiting for me to get home (Mum was very content to spend time relaxing without me hovering around), or needing to be collected from nursery, or anything else. Just me and the shops. And my credit card.

All I can say is this: the UK economy is safe. I have shopped us out of the recession. I bought a coat (in a UK size 18, which I think is a US 14), a pair of trousers, and two cardigans for myself; and for small boy I bought a t-shirt, two pairs of pyjamas, a pair of dungarees and a fleecy top. I also bought some yarn and a pattern and have knitted a pair of wristwarmers to keep the chill at bay now that the weather has turned decidedly cool.
But, best of all (even better than fitting into smaller clothes and being able to shop in 'normal' clothes stores), when I weighed myself today I found myself in a NEW STONE!

14st 13lbs - 209bs - BMI 34.8
(a total loss so far of 53lbs; 43lbs to go!)

That takes me to within spitting (or should I say PBing?!) distance of onederland. Yay! And just 3lbs short of losing four stone. Oh, and guess what? Now that my BMI is in the 34s, I'm only Class I Obese!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A First Time For Everything + Photos!

Apologies for the blogging hiatus - we've been on holiday in bonny Scotland, which can now officially go to the top of my list of most favourite holiday destinations as I managed to actually lose weight while there! There is absolutely no way on earth that would have happened pre-band, not in a country where deep-fried pizza can be found on many a menu (and we actually happened to be somewhere where we heard someone order it; not only that, the person checked that it was a whole pizza they were getting, and not just a slice.) Without the band, I would probably have ordered one myself, just to see what it was like...
Anyhoo, I have returned from my holidays 2lbs lighter, which means I am now

15st - 210bs - BMI 34.9
(a total loss so far of 52lbs; 44lbs to go!)

And reaching 210lbs means it's photo time. Usually I get hubby to take the photos, but he's not here at the moment and I'm too impatient to wait til this evening, so here are my blurry efforts; and please excuse the baggy trousers - just nine more weeks til we get to NYC and I can hot-foot it to Macys where they stock trousers that actually fit my shape!
Compared to 262lbs (18st 10lbs) just before being banded

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Suggestions from NYC Bloggers, Please!

Dear NYC-based banded bloggers (and others who may be in-the-know)

On 10 December hubby & I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. And, what better place to do that than in the city where we got married - NYC! Now, this isn't our first visit to the city (in fact it will be my 15th [or thereabouts] and hubby's 12th [or thereabouts]), but it will be our first since I have been banded. So, I'm asking for a little help here on where would be a good place for us to celebrate our anniversary with lunch or dinner on Friday 10 December:

somewhere that hubby can have a good meal but where I can also eat a band-sized portion and not look like a freak
somewhere a little bit special, but not somewhere that we have to dress up in designer togs (because we don't own any) in order to fit in - casual-casual as opposed to smart-casual would be the preferred dress code!
somewhere that isn't the Rainbow Room (done it, not impressed) or River Cafe (done it enough times and ready to try somewhere new)
somewhere like Sarabeth's (done it, like it) or Good Enough to Eat (same)

Thank you in advance!

Monday, 27 September 2010

50!! I Did It!!!

I did it, I did it, I did it. Or should I say 'The band did it'?!? Or perhaps it was all those vibes the BOOBsters were sending out this weekend?! Well, whatever it was - I lost 50lbs! I am totally and utterly amazed. After a plateau lasting several weeks, the pounds have been dropping off on an almost-daily basis. We were away over the weekend, so I was without the scales for two whole days, but this morning when I hopped on, I was:

15st 2lb - 212bs - BMI 35.3
(a total loss so far of 50lbs; 46lbs to go!)
I'm so pleased! Can you tell?! 50lbs! They've gone. I don't know where they've gone, but it's a long way away and they won't be able to find their way back. I hope.
In other news, I owe Tina a big thank you for nominating me for the Cherry on Top Award. I'm honoured - merci very much!

The question that goes with this award is: If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

Hmm, that's a hard one. What's the saying about never regretting anything you've done, only the things you haven't done?! The trouble with going back and changing just one thing, is the repercussions that that change can have on everything else - we've all seen Back to the Future; but I'm being a bit too literal here, this is only theoretical after all! I guess the change would have to be doing whatever needed to be done to not end up being nearly 100lbs overweight in the first place!

And now I need to nominate six bloggers for the award (although being so late with this one means most people have probably already received it!) I'm going to follow Tina's idea and nominate bloggers with less than 100 followers (like me) in the hope that it will send a few new readers their way - we all appreciate more followers, don't we?!

Frst up is Alison because she's a fellow Brit, and there aren't that many of us (of the banded variety, I mean!)

Julie, because she's struggling and needs our support (and she's a Euro-bandster!)

Sam, who is six months banded and has already lost over 60lbs!

Jennifer, because she makes me laugh.

Oh, darn it, I'm going to stop there because all the other bandsters I know of have more than 100 followers!

Friday, 24 September 2010

It's a Slippery Slope

So far, so good on the downward slide towards goal. The scales were kind to me again today:

15st 3lb - 213bs - BMI 35.4
(a total loss so far of 49lbs; 47lbs to go!)
Does anyone else think it's weird that you can be on a plateau for weeks and then lose 2lbs in 2 days? I do. Weird, inexplicable, and downright odd, odd, odd.
But I'm not going to complain! I'm just one single, solitary, bite-size pound away from being 50lbs down, and today's weigh-in took me to a total loss (in UK terms) of 3.5 stone. Just 2lbs away from being 'Class I Obese' and just 4lbs away from being '14 stone something' - I'm so excited about seeing '14' on the scales; the last time I was in the 14-stone bracket was in 2003, which was the year I met hubby; it will be great to get back to the weight I was when we met (about 14st 7lbs.)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Official: Blogging Aids Weightloss*

* according to survey carried out on one blogger who reported 100% success and satisfaction with product.

Ok. So yesterday I mentioned that I had been vacationing at the Grand Plateau Resort, Plateauville, Plateaunia; I also said I was ok with it and that it was all my fault as I wasn't really paying any attention to what my band was telling me when it said things like: 'Stop, you've had enough', 'One more bite and you're going to regret it', 'Right, that's it lady, off to the lavatory with you'. Not to mention the biscuits, cakes, desserts, etc, etc.

Well, guess what? When I had my dinner last night, I remembered what I had written about taking the extra bite and then regretting it, so when I was full I pushed my plate away and I didn't have another mouthful (except I did have a yoghurt and a couple of handfuls of Galaxy Coasters later...) Which led me to conclude that getting my thoughts on here actaully helped. Until yesterday I hadn't blogged for about a week and I'd been on my plateau for about three, then I write about how I'm not exactly helping myself or my band, quite the opposite in fact, and look what happens.

And this morning, as a result of listening to my band and working with it, rather than trying to defeat it the scales rewarded me with my new lowest low:

15st 4lb - 214bs - BMI 35.6
(a total loss so far of 48lbs)

And, do you know what that means? It means I'm halfway there! Halfway to losing the 96lbs that I'd like to lose in total.

It means that I'm now standing at the top of the weightloss mountain, I've done the uphill half and I'm about to teeter into the downhill.

Although you could look at it the other way - I've done the downhill half and now I have the uphill half left, since it surely gets progressively harder/slower the closer you get to goal?!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Extended Staycation...

on Plateau Island.

I haven't lost any weight since the end of August. I've no one to blame but myself though as I'm simply not trying at the moment. I seem to have slipped into a phase where I'm really quite content to be this weight/size (15st 5lbs/215lbs, UK size 18/20) since it's such a novelty! My confidence has soared and I feel good about myself. Admittedly, I would probably feel a gazillion times better if I weighed less, but for now I'm ok here. The problem with being 'ok here' though is that I'm snacking away on biscuits and chocolate like the end of the world was nigh. I'm not putting on weight as a result of these snacks, but if I could give them the elbow I'd probably lose some weight.

I've also noticed that I'm eating too much; I get to a stage where I'm full and then I push it and have another mouthful of whatever it is I'm eating, even though I know I'm likely to end up having to make a dash for the toilet. How stuipid is that? I need to get myself back under control!

Anyhoo, I hope all the BOOBsters have a wonderful time in Chicago this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos (I think!)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Remember the Dress...

...that I bought for the wedding? Well, I had a major NSV when I tried it on at home about 10 days ago - it was too big, so I had to take it back and exchange it for a smaller size! And here I am, wearing my (UK) size 18 dress and feeling rather pleased with myself:
The wedding was fabulous: great weather, wonderful location (the photo above shows the view from the chapel looking down into the village), lovely food (I managed a fairly sizeable main course and three - yes, three! - of the mini desserts) and fun times catching up with friends and colleagues. Not to mention the fact that hubby and I had two nights away without the small boy. Bliss!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No Longer an All-Consuming Passion

Has anyone else found that food is no longer the 'be all and end all' that it used to be?

Since I got to my sweet spot (in fact I sometimes feel that I'm actually a little bit beyond it when I can barely manage a couple of mouthfuls) my interest in food has seriously waned. I'm pretty sure that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don't tend to get hungry any more and so I'm not thinking about food so much.

And then, when I do get hungry I often feel like I can't really be bothered to eat because there are so many foods that don't go down too well at the moment, and dealing with the whole uncomfortable-ness (good word, eh?) of being stuck is just not worth it. This is especially true in the evenings. I've read that lots of other bandsters tend to have less restriction in the evenings; something like this, perhaps?But for me that's not the case; I tend to have the least amount of restriction through the day, with more in the mornings and evenings; a little like this perhaps?!Eating an evening meal is a bit of a chore and it can take me a good hour to finish what's on my plate, but I try to eat what's there as I'm sure I could do with the food from a nutrition aspect, if not from the calorie side of things!

Funny though, I never seem to have trouble with dessert or chocolate...

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New House; New Low

I haven't blogged for about ten days because, quite frankly, nothing was happening on the weightloss front. I was boinging around between a couple of pounds: 15st 8, 15st 9, 15st 8, 15st 9, etc, etc, you get the picture and, really, what can I say about it that hasn't been said before?

However, after two days of not being able to weigh myself because WE WERE IN SOMERSET AT OUR NEW HOUSE (excited, moi?), I've come back to find that the Somerset air/food/who knows what clearly agreed with me. If only we could get the building work done immediately and move down there a bit sooner! Today the scales presented me with the glorious news that I am
15st 5lb - 215bs - BMI 35.8
(a total loss so far of 47lbs)

I was totally amazed and had to get back on the scale to double check, which is something I don't normally do as it tends to only lead to disappointment! But even the second time, the same figure flashed back at me. I didn't even get to see 15st 7 or 15 st 6 (although I expect to see at least one of them in the next few days when the old 'rubber ball' effect comes back with a vengeance, as it always does with me.)

So what does 15st 5lb/215lbs mean?
1) I am closer to 15st than 16st and therefore can think of myself as being 'just over 15st'!
2) My BMI has fallen into the 35s
3) I'm only 1lb away from losing half of the 96lbs I want to lose in total
4) I'm only 3lbs away from losing 50lbs
5) I'm only 3lbs away from having lost 3.5 stone
6) I'm only 5lbs away from being 'Class I Obese'

I think the one point out of the above six that really hits home is the fact that I have lost nearly 50lbs. To me, that is a HUGE amount of weight. I'm not saying that in a 'blowing my own trumpet' kind of way, I'm saying it in a '50lbs is a lot of weight' in the sense that if you heard of a man catching a 50lb fish you might think 'crikey, that's a big fish' kind of way. Does that make sense?!
Anyway, in other (non-weightloss) news: we finally completed on the house in Somerset on Friday and drove down on Saturday to pick up the keys. We then 'camped out' there for two nights with a very basic amount of furniture: garden table and chairs, inflatable mattress, microwave, met some of our soon-to-be neighbours, met an architect to discuss what can be done to make the house more appealing/suitable, picked tons of apples from the five trees in the garden, and generally had a lovely time. On Sunday we spent most of the day gadding about, firstly in Bridport where we were lucky enough to coincide with the monthly 'vintage' market, and then on to see our lovely friends R&G at their new gallery Lazyhill in Abbotsbury. Below is the chapel in Abbotsbury where R&G will be getting married in less than two weeks time; quite a location, don't you think?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Just a quicky

To say: another pound disappeared into the ether (or possibly the mattress, for who knows where the weight goes when it's no longer stuck to our frames?) overnight, taking me to

15st 8lb - 218lbs - BMI 36.3
(a total loss so far of 44lbs)
And after yesterday's blog about how I like to wear my saggy old, baggy old, comfort blanket clothes, well I was taking off a very old favourite shirt of mine just now and it ripped under the arm where the material has worn so thin you probably couldn't even blow your nose in it without it tearing. Maybe my old clothes are trying to tell me something?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Finally! And a bit about shopping.

At last! Another pound gone. Quite honestly, I was getting a little bit frustrated since TOMT was preventing me from eating more than a couple of mouthfuls at any meal and I thought the weight would be falling off. But no, it was hanging around like a bad smell until this morning when, at long, long last, the scales rewarded me and my teeny-tiny mouse-sized tummy with a loss - the first for 10 days.

15st 9lb - 219lbs - BMI 36.4
(a total loss so far of 43lbs)
This is a nice loss as it takes me into a new 'decade' in the pounds - I'm in the teens! And I'm also just 5lbs away from losing half of the weight that I want to lose to get to goal (which is a weight I just plucked randomly from the air.)
Moving on.
My clothes are really starting to look big, baggy and sack-like now, but I am loathe to go out and replace everything (much as I really, really want to) for two reasons:
1) I can't afford it
2) I don't know how long the new clothes will fit me and it seems such a waste to buy things that I might only wear for a few weeks/months when usually clothes stay in my wardrobe til they fall apart.
And actually, maybe there's a third reason:
3) My old clothes are almost like comfort blankets, I know I can pull them on and they will fit, they will cover me up and it's just easy.
I have bought a couple of new tops from eBay and one in the sale, but I'm finding it really hard to go into a shop and consider paying full price for something (except for the dress I bought for the wedding in September, but that's different) when I know (or at least hope!) I won't be wearing it for long. Isn't that odd? You'd think, wouldn't you, that going shopping for new clothes would be one of the most exciting parts about losing weight. And, it's not like I'll be able to wear my current clothes for much longer anyway, without risk of exposing myself in public when my trousers fall down, or else just looking like a bag lady with no sense of style/self worth.
The other issue I'm having with clothes (and I'm sure this is going to get worse before it gets better), is that I really have no idea what size I am. As an example, this morning I went to Fat Face and tried on two tops in size 18 which were a little too snug; then over the road to M&Co where I tried two tops in size 16 which fitted fine (but I didn't like them) and a dress in size 20 (fitted well at the bottom, but too big up top); then this afternoon I popped into Evans where I tried on a pair of jeans in size 20 which it would have been indecent for me to wear due to the snugness, and a pair in size 22, also a bit on the tight side. Then I tried on a cardigan in size 20 which was too big and the same in a 16 which was slightly too tight (they didn't have an 18.)
Before I started losing weight I kind of knew where I was - basically I could shop in a handful of shops and know that in one of them (Evans) I was bound to find something that would fit (although not necessarily something I would like) since they go up to at least a size 30; then there would be a few other shops - M&S, Monsoon - in which I could find something that would fit depending on the style/cut. But now? More and more shops are opening up their doors to me and it's SCARY because I don't know what size to pick up, and going into the changing rooms clutching a 16, and 18 and 20 is a bit weird. It's also a bit annoying to be a 16 in one shop, an 18 in another and then find you can't even squeeeeeze into a 20 in another.
Anyhoo, that's enough of my moaning for today, I know I should be grateful I'm getting into smaller clothes but, by golly, it's hard work!

Friday, 13 August 2010



This is my first TOM since the fill that has given me proper restriction. This is also the first time that I have experienced TOMT. It sucks. Nothing seems to be going down well at the moment, even things with which I normally have no issue. And those things that I can eat, but which need a little thought and a little extra chew-chew? Forget it.

Usually for breakfast I will have a thin slice of toast or a toasted crumpet. Tried it yesterday, didn't work. Tried it again today, still no good. Yesterday went out for lunch with a friend; had eggs benedict. Thought the poached eggs wouldn't be an issue. Wrong. Ended up making two trips to the toilet, the second in a bit of a hurry. (Sorry if TMI!) Decided to tell my friend at that point what the issue was (she was thinking I was pregnant); at least if I go out eating with her again I won't have to worry about making excuses if I need to make numerous trips to the loo.

Dinner = fish. Nope.
Dessert = ice cream. Yes. Thank you Mr Ben and Mr Jerry.

Woke up this morning thinking that the lack of food yesterday would have done the world of good for my weight. Wrong again. 1lb up. Did I say 'Bah'?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Dress. Likey or No Likey?

I'm off to a wedding in September and thought I'd better start looking for something to wear seeing as my one 'tidy' dress is now too big. Luckily the first shop I tried, Monsoon, seems to have come up trumps even though it's an odd time of year in the clothes shops - a sort of 'in-betweeny' season when they appear not to know what to stock - too late for the summery items, too early for the winter stuff.

Anyhoozle, here are a few snaps of the dress which I have bought (but not yet removed labels from - I have 28 days to make up my mind...) I was v pleased to be able to try on (and fit into) a size 20 as I am used to trying on a 22 in this particular shop (the largest size they do) and sometimes (previously!) finding that even the 22 didn't fit. Not any more! It's a maxi-dress, so it's possible that I may even be a little bit 'on trend', although perhaps that trend has come and gone in the time it's taken me to notice it was happening? The photos don't really do the colours any justice - they look a little washed out but are much brighter peach and orange shades on a black background.

Even better, I then went to the shop next door (East) and bought a size 16 (!!) top in the sale, reduced from £59 to £17. Got to love a bargain!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Three Stone Lost & New Photos!

Whoop whoop! Today the scales were VERY kind to me and reported another 1lb loss, which makes a grand total of 42lbs. Or three stone as we say over here in the UK. I've just Googled 'stone' in an attempt to find out why we use it as a means of expressing our weight, instead of kilos (urgh, so Continental!) or merely pounds. I haven't found the answer, but apparently a stone was used for weighing agricultural commodities and the number of pounds in a stone could differ depending on the commodity or even the place in which it was being sold (but of course, why make anything simple?!)

Anyway, enough of today's history lesson, lets get back to business. I'm so chuffed to have lost three stone!

15st 10lb - 220lbs - BMI 36.6
(a total loss so far of 42lbs)

And I'm even more pleased that I can now present the latest set of comparison photos for your delight and delecation. Drum roll please...... Although, before I begin, please, please, PLEASE, ignore the gormless expression that I have managed to affix to my face in every single photo (except perhaps the back shot where I probably looked serene and gorgeous.)Compared to 42lbs ago....
Another comparison shot. UGGGHH.

Here I've used the old 'peg trick' to tighten the t-shirt at the back to give some indication that I do actually have a waist...

Just one other thing. I went out on Friday evening with a group of friends I hadn't seen for a while and only one of them noticed I'd lost weight. Ho hum.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Even I'm Getting Bored Of Me

So goodness only knows what you all must be thinking. Here she goes again, yada, yada, yada, another day, another pound, blah, blah blah.

Yes folks, it's true; a new day, a new weight:

15st 11lb - 221lbs - BMI 36.8
(a total loss so far of 41lbs)

I'm liking this new number I've slipped into on the old BMI chart - "36.something". I'm still in the range of Class II Obese, but I'm no longer morbidly obese and only another 11lbs til I'm into the Class I Obese range.

I think that this latest fill might have done the trick...

Sorry it's taken me a while, but I have to thank Sam for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award - thank you, Sam!

Apparently I now have to tell you seven things you didn't know about me (although some of you probably do know some/all of these things, sorry.) OK, here goes:

1) I'm an only child. Which, of course, makes me a spoilt, selfish, good-for-nothing little brat. Or maybe it doesn't. Depends which day of the week it is and who's playing with my toys.

2) I have an MA in Ancient Social and Cultural History.

3) Hubby & I got married in New York.

4) I used to have my tongue pierced but took it (the piercing, not my tongue) out the day small boy was born as I thought I should probably be a bit more grown up now I'm a mummy.

5) When I was young I wished my name was Frances (or is it Francis? I can never remember which is the female version); don't ask me why, I was young and foolish.

6) When I was young (and sometimes now, too) I was sure I was going to marry John Taylor from Duran Duran. Apparently he's now married to the woman who founded Juicey Couture which makes me think he must have dubious taste (and also accounts for why he married Amanda de Cadenent), hence why he never came knocking on my door.

7) I read The Times newspaper (Business section) for a living. It's not as glamorous as it sounds; actually, it doesn't even sound glamorous. But it keeps my brain ticking over (occasionally) and pays a paltry wage that keeps the treat cupboard stocked to the brim (don't tell the Diet Police) and my bookshelves overflowing.

And I now I have to nominate 15 bloggers to receive the award.

I'm going to do that bit tomorrow...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Big 4-0!

Crikey, is there any possibility that I may have caught a flesh-eating virus? Another day, another pound gone, having miraculoulsy melted away into the ether.

15st 12lb - 222lbs - BMI 36.9
(a total loss so far of 40lbs)

I've hit the 40lbs down mark!

From now on people I don't even know will be stopping me in the street to ask if I've lost weight. Do you know why? Because I have read on countless bandster blogs, that 40lbs is the amount of weight you have to lose before people actually start to notice that you are quite literally disappearing before their very eyes!!

Up until now only one person who doesn't know about the band has commented on my weightloss; lots of people have said 'You're looking well', which I think is the catch-all comment that people make when they can't quite put their finger on why you might be looking a bit different/healthier. Alternatively, it's the thing they say when they don't want to say 'Have you lost weight?' because that means they are drawing attention to the fact that they think you need to lose weight and, obviously, that would be rude!

So, now I am just 2lbs away from having lost 3stone, 2lbs away from a new set of comparison photos and 3lbs away from a new weightloss decade - the 210s.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Whole New World!

Today the scales registered...wait for it....

15st 13lb - 223lbs - BMI 37.1
(a total loss so far of 39lbs)

Yahooooooooooooooo! This is a brilliant thing for two reasons:
1) It's a whole new stone - I can now think to myself 'I weigh 15 stone-something'

2) I am officially no longer the heaviest member of the household! That title can now be passed on to hubby. When I told him this morning he said I still had a little way to go before I became the lightest member. Yep, that's true enough, but at the rate the small boy is going, it mightn't be too long...
Go on, eat the cake, eat the cake....

(What sort of a mother does that make me, trying to encourage my darling boy to eat chocolate cake just so I can be the teeniest tiniest member of Family W?! Quick, someone call the authorities.)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Another New Low and an SV

Yesterday the scale gods smiled on me yet again with my latest all time low of

16st 0lb - 224lbs - BMI 37.3
(a total loss so far of 38lbs)

One of the great things about this is that I now weigh the same as hubby. Fair enough, that's not the sort of thing most people would be bragging about, when you've been used to weighing a heck of a lot more than your darling other half, it makes a very pleasant change to know that from here on in he and I will be level pegging and soon, very soon, I will weigh less than him!

I'm very excited to be on the cusp of a new stone - being in the 15 stone bracket is not a place I've been for a very long time. I really wish I could remember when I last weighed what I do now, but I can't (need to check back through some old diaries, if I can find them.) It must have been quite some years ago as I tried on a dress on Saturday that I had bought back in 2007 (I think) and it's now too big (which is great, but also not so great as it was my only 'tidy' dress and now I'll need to go and buy a new one should we venture out to any 'tidy' events!)

Mum, hubby, small boy & I took a trip to lovely Marylebone High Street in London yesterday. We stopped for lunch in EAT, which was ironic really as it turned out that was pretty much the only thing I couldn't do. This latest fill really has me struggling with a lot of food stuffs at the moment, and my portion sizes are severely limited (but with the weight dropping off, I'm not complaining. Yet.) I tried to make a sensible choice and opted for the hummus and taboulleh salad; I think I managed a few mouthfuls of the hummus, about 4 olives, a couple of mouthfuls of taboulleh and a small slice of marinated pepper before I was done for and actually got a bit stuck. This probably sounds like quite a lot of food to the experienced bandsters out there who have been at good restriction for a while, but for me it seems like a REALLY small amount! I've been used to being able to eat a lot more than this, but then that's probably why my weightloss has been slow, if not stagnant! This is a photo of the salad after I'd finished (apologies for reflection), but you can probably see that the box is still pretty much full (a bit like my tummy.)Since the small boy was sleeping as we enjoyed our lunch and was still sleeping as we left we decided to head for Starbucks to make the most of the quiet time. With Tina in mind I decided to try a peppermint mocha. But the food-obsessesed side of me thought 'Hey, I've eaten so little today I probably could do with the calories so when they ask me if I want cream on top, I'll say yes.' And that's what I did. And I had a Rocky Road cake too. And guess what? They both went down with absolutely no problems at all. It seems I may have to live on Rocky Road and Peppermint Mochas....

Unnecessary photo of small boy!

Saturday, 31 July 2010

A New Low

This latest fill is working wonders with the weightloss - another 1lb down this morning, taking me to a new low of

16st 1lb - 225lbs - BMI 37.4
(a total loss so far of 37lbs)
I'm absolutely chuffed at being so close to the next stone down - another 2lbs and I'll be able to think to myself (but not to say out loud, oh no sirreee!) "I'm 15st-something" which, when you consider I started back in January at just 4lbs away from 19 stone, is going to feel sooooooo good!
This also means
1) I'm just 5lbs away from having lost 3st
2) I'm just 5lbs away from my next set of comparison photos
3) I'm just 3lbs away from losing 40lbs, which is the amount at which many bloggers have said people really begin to notice the weightloss
My wardrobe is throwing NSVs at me left, right and centre - so many of my clothes are too big now but I'm still wearing them because I can't afford to go out and replace everything! I'm scouring eBay for clothes in a size UK20 (or maybe even an 18 if the cut is right!)
When Mum & I were in Oxford the other day I tried on some 20s and 18s in good old M&S; the 20s fitted well, the 18s also fitted in some looser cut items and it felt so wonderful to not even have to pick up the size 22s. The smallest of the trousers that Tina sent me from Macy's in Portland, Oregon are even getting to be a little big; hopefully hubby and I will be paying a visit to the USA in the not-too-distant future so I can buy a smaller size before this pair fall off in a public place... That would be an NSV to blog about (as long as I don't get incarcerated for indecent exposure.)

Friday, 30 July 2010

8.5 out of 10

Not my score in the annual biscuit eating competition, but the number of mls in my band. I had another fill on Wednesday afternoon (my sixth, I think, or possibly my fifth - how easily we forget these things!); a 0.5ml fill, taking me up to 8.5mls in a 10ml band. There's not much more room for improvement, is there?! What if this one isn't 'it'? That only leaves me with three more fills before the band is at bursting point! What if I can still shovel in the Jammy Dodgers and KitKat Pop Chocs like they're going out of fashion?!

Having said that, I woke up yesterday morning to find that I'd lost another 1lb, taking me to a new lowest low of
16st 2lb - 226lbs - BMI 37.6
(a total loss so far of 36lbs)

Very pleased! I am definitely noticing the difference with this latest fill, but the old problem of head hunger is still there. To all those experienced bandsters out there - how long does it take for your head to catch up with your stomach?!

Yesterday, Mum and I made the most of the little boy being in nursery and went on a day trip to Oxford. We decided to catch the bus there rather than driving as the bus goes from literally outside the front door; what fun to toddle along on a double decker with the chance to nosey into people's gardens! Oxford was enjoyable, as always, although the tourists (into which group we do not fall, of course!) can be a little trying - there are just sooooo many of them!

I wonder if the slice of carrot cake (which I couldn't eat all of) and the peanut butter cookie (which I could, over two sessions) devoured during our visit had anything to do with the fact that the scales registered 16.3 this morning?! And if what I've eaten so far today is anything to go by, 16.4 will be blinking back at me tomorrow.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

I'm a Lazy So-and-So

I've written a blog post on my other blog all about the house we are in the process of buying, and the village in which it is situated. Instead of copying/retyping/whatever it would take to get it on this blog, I'm just going to include this link. That way, if you are interested in having a nosey you can, and if you're not then you don't have to!

News from (non) weightloss land: I'm weighing in at 16st 4lbs (228lbs), which is 1lb heavier than my lowest weight. I have a fill booked for Wednesday afternoon. I think I just need a really itty bitty little one, but will see what the surgeon thinks.

Hope you are all well. Happy weekend!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Six Month Bandiversary

Wow; I can hardly believe it's been six whole months since I was banded. The time has flown by. I think I'm pretty much at the 'sweet spot' as far as restriction goes, although if you'd seen me filling my face the other evening, you might beg to differ. But some days it's like that - I feel as if I'm eating my bodyweight in this, that and the other, then the next day I can be full on a cracker.

Things I have learnt, six months down the line:
1) I can't eat much in one go (unless it's chocolate, which seems to slip right on through...)
2) I can only eat a very small amount of regular white bread; toast is fine, so are crumpets, flatbread and tortillas
3) I like losing weight
4) I like getting slimmer
5) If I get stuck, it's best to get rid of the offending item ASAP, rather than hoping it will pass through. It never does; and why bother going through 20 minutes of discomfort in the hope that it will?!
6) Blogland and my fellow banded bloggers are funny, smart, helpful, kind
7) There's no exact science to the whole band 'thing'

Things I still haven't learnt:
1) Chew slowly
2) Take small mouthfuls
3) The band is a tool to help with the weightloss, not a magic wand that works without any input from yours truly
4) Related to 3 above, to stop eating chocolate, biscuits and cake like there's about to be a worldwide shortage and I need to bulk up
5) Drink more water

Anyhoo, in six months I've lost 35lbs (two-and-a-half stone) and dropped two or three (depending on the outfit) dress sizes. Without the band I know there is absolutely no way I would have done that. If I'd played the game properly and could just stop eating the sweet stuff, I think I would probably have lost a fair bit more, but I can't, so I haven't!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hello Brain, This Is Your Mistress Speaking

How many stucky episodes and how many visits to the porcelain throne is it going to take before I realise that bread + band = not a good mixture?

This morning I took small boy for a walk. When we got back hubby said 'I boiled up some eggs so we could have them for lunch. I thought I might make you a rocket, chicken and hard boiled egg salad.' Not being a mahoosive fan of the old salad leaf in general and knowing that chicken and I aren't the best of friends anymore, I turned down this kind offer. Then hubby offered egg mayo on crackers; again, I said no. Then came the offer of an egg mayo sandwich; my eyes lit up, my brain switched off, my tummy gurgled and it was all systems go.

I managed this much (and even that was a struggle, but I soldiered on valiantly.)

Then I had to pay a visit to the littlest room.

Monday, 12 July 2010

We Survived! (not WLS related, so feel free to skip!)

Ok, ok, so I suppose I could mention weightloss, or the lack thereof. Today the pesky scales registered 16st 6lbs; but they will not get me down because I know the reason - Aunt Flo will soon be paying me a visit. I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs and waiting for her to call; I do wish she'd get a move on so we can all just get on with things (aka losing weight.)

Moving on to non-band related stuff. Feel free to stop reading and move on to a more interesting blog where the blogger/bandster tells you motivating and inspirational tales of weightloss, NSVs, SVs and other skinny stuff. For here I am about to slip into parent mode, which I am sure some of you find less than riveting (I know it's true cos before I had a bambino of my own, I thought there was almost nothing on earth less interesting/more boring than other people's children.)

Anyway, today was small boy's first full day at nursery (preschool) and we all survived! I actually think hubby missed him more than me (he's a bit of a sopster that hubby of mine.)

We kept saying to each other 'Oh, I wonder what he's doing now? Oh, I expect he's having his lunch. Oh, I hope he's not sad. Do you think he's missing us?' And at the end of the day, when I went to pick him up I was getting those butterflies in my tummy like you get when you're really excited about seeing someone. Did I say hubby was a sopster? Hey, maybe I am too!