Thursday 24 March 2011

It's Amazing How Much You Can Eat...

...when you put your mind to it.

Yesterday afternoon a friend and I went for afternoon tea at Cliveden. The 376 acres of grounds are owned and managed by the National Trust while the house (once home to Waldorf and Nancy Astor) is owned and operated separately as a hotel. The weather was glorious and as we arrived a little early, we made the most of the spring sunshine and sat outside.
For tea we were seated on a gloriously squashy sofa in the great hall, next to the huge fireplace, where a fire was burning, even on this lovely warm spring day.

Over the course of the next two hours I managed to eat 3 finger sandwiches -ham & wholegrain mustard; cucumber; and chicken - and devour three cakes - a chocolate and cherry confection, a chocolate mousse layer cake and a fabulous macaroon, plus a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream (what's an aftenoon tea without a scone afterall?!) all washed down with two pots of coffee. I was amazed at how accommodating my band was, and really pleased to be able to enjoy such a delicious afternoon tea with no trouble at all. Needless to say, I didn't need any dinner yesterday evening!

Sunday 20 March 2011


Yay - for some reason the weight is literally falling off this week. I was going to blog on Friday that I'd lost another 1lb, but didn't get round to it. I thought perhaps it was because I'd had my hair cut shorter! Then I weighed today and I'd lost a further 2lbs!

Today is clearly an auspicious day:
1) it's my 14 month bandiversary
2) it's my darling boy's 2nd birthday
3) it's the first day of spring.

And I have a 70lbs/5 stone lighter spring in my step!

13st 10lbs - 192lbs - BMI 31.9
(a total loss so far of 70lbs; 24lbs to go)

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Fact: Blogging Aids Weightloss

Don't ask me how, but blogging causes weightloss. That is an absolute fact. How do I know this? Because, friends, it happened to me. Up until yesterday's post, I hadn't blogged for nearly three weeks and hadn't lost any weight for four. Lo and behold, yesterday I blogged, today I had lost weight. A strange coincidence, I think you'll agree.

13st 13lbs - 195lbs - BMI 32.4
(a total loss so far of 67lbs; 27lbs to go)
Repeat after me: must blog more often, must blog more often...

Monday 14 March 2011

Still Here and a litte NSV

Sorry for the blogging abscence. I'm just checking in briefly to let you all know that I'm still around. I just have nothing to report on the weightloss front - still hanging in at 14st (196lbs).

I've been this weight for about a month now, so I think it's fair to say I'm in Plateauville. Also known as The Land of Complacency. I'm still happy to have got this far which means I'm doing very little to get any further; I know that's wrong and I'm pretty sure at some point I'll shake myself and get moving again, but for now this is where I'm at and it feels good. I'm still going to the gym three times a week, but I'm offsetting this good work by eating a lot of biscuits (cookies) and chocolate.
I want to share this photo with you - despite the fact the small boy appears to be picking his nose (!) and despite the fact that it's really poor quality - because I can see my COLLARBONE!!! NSV to me!