Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Countdown is Progressing, 5...4...3

Well, this is it, my final post before B00Bs! My suitcase is packed, my hand luggage is packed (lots of copies of Hello, a book, a bar of chocolate and a packet of shortbread biscuits - well, I'd hate to starve before I meet the B00B ladies!) and I am good to go.

This time tomorrow (if all goes to plan) I should be halfway across the Atlantic, either deeply asleep, deeply engrossed in Hello or deeply engrossed in a movie (let's hope American Airlines are showing some good ones because I don't enjoy flying and I find it really helps if I have something to keep me occupied other than thinking about the fact that I'm 36,000 feet above the ocean deep...)

This afternoon I have my long-awaited appointment for an unfill, hooray hooray. I'm going to ask for a biggy as I'm fed up of surviving on Gaviscon alone!

Anyhooozles, this is me signing off. Looking forward to a few days of R&R with the B00Bs (is that likely, do you think?!), some shopping in Chicago and NYC, and then coming home to see lovely hubby and my little boy (before we move house two days later - oh yes, it's all go around here!)


  1. Have a safe flight! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Safe travels! I hate flying too. Can't wait to meet you!!

  3. See you tomorrow!!! :) Have a great trip and wishing you good movies.